Algopix vs ShelfTrend

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Is Algopix Just Another ShelfTrend Alternative?

When looking for ShelfTrend alternatives, the list is long and competition is fierce. And ShelfTrend itself is a high quality competitor in the market.

But comparing alternatives is necessary if you’re going to get the best deals. So that’s exactly what we’ll do here as we look at the Algopix vs. ShelfTrend matchup.

What Is ShelfTrend And Why Do I Need An Alternative?

Shelftrend is an eBay selling tool for research - primarily product research. But it gives valuable insights into the eBay market too, and can also be called an eBay competitive intelligence tool.

ShelfTrend and its alternatives serve to give you information. From sales reports to trending products and more.

And ShelfTrend does its job well, so why you need an alternative? The unfortunate truth about ShelfTrend is that it caters to the smaller seller. If you have big plans and big dreams, Algopix may be the better fit for you.

Let’s explore.

More Platforms For More Selling Opportunities

While ShelfTrend only covers eBay - albeit in 20 countries - Algopix covers you across three platforms and 16 different markets. Ensuring that your opportunities for profits are wider and far less likely to dry up.

Amazon, eBay and Waltmart are all plaforms that you can utilize with Algopix.

This lessens the chance that you’ll end up with deadstock. As you’ll be able to switch product markets if demand increases on another platform.

You’ll also be able to analyze different markets and find out where the highest profit-per-sale opportunities lie.

Thousands Of Products To Analyze...

Depending on your ambition, you may feel the need to analyze thousands of products per month. The fact is, not every eBay competitive intelligence tool can handle these kinds of numbers.

For example, on ShelfTrend’s basic plan, you’re limited to 750 queries per month. Algopix, on the other hand, allows for unlimited product searches.

Algopix also includes a powerful bulk analyzer. So you can research multiple products at once. Thereby saving time and increasing your chance to finding winning products.

The Right Price

Pricing can sometimes be an unimportant aspect when comparing eBay selling tools. The research they offer can give you endless returns on the small monthly fees.

Despite this, Algopix strives to provide a high value solution at low cost - and usually beats all competitors on the pricing front.

But here’s one area where ShelfTrend stands out. Their solution is more affordable, by a narrow margin. But prices tend to change. And given the value each tool provides, the slight difference in price makes perfect sense, as ShelfTrend caters more towards the smaller seller.

But if you want to expand your horizons, across the globe and across platforms, Algopix is the obvious choice here.

Pricing and Demand Overview
Bulk Analysis
Amazon Insights
eBay Insights
Walmart Insights
Recommendations for potentially profitable products
Marketplace actual fees
Accurate shipping fees
Tax liability estimation
Unlimited Product Research

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