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What on earth is an UPC vs. EAN?

Did you know that the Algopix platform allows you to seamlessly and quickly convert various product identifiers? By doing this, online sellers can more quickly identify products and coordinate with manufacturers. We’ve put together a brief guide on the differences between the product identifiers UPC and EAN to help you get started.

A UPC (Universal Product Code), is a 12-digit code which is unique for every product. The UPC is derived from a product’s barcode.

The EAN (formerly: European Article Number, now: International Article Number), is a 13-digit code that extends the UPC by a number that represents a country code.

Both product identifiers, were designed to streamline inventory management and speed up the checkout process.

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The role of UPC and ASIN for a seller

Both EAN and UPC identifiers allow retailers to effectively manage their inventory since these product identifiers make it possible to quickly check new orders, track items throughout the supply chain, and more efficiently facilitate the ordering process from manufacturers. These product identifiers also play a significant role when it comes to selling online.

Most eCommerce platforms like eBay and Amazon accept both EAN and UPC when listing a new product. EAN and UPC allow these platforms to identify the items, add it to their product catalog, and check for identical listings to pool them. A seller providing the EAN and the UPC will gain increased visibility on eCommerce platforms, because customers will be able to find your listings faster, and your product’s placement on search engines like Google will improve. Walmart does not accept the EAN as a product ID, but accepts the UPC, among others.

UPC to EAN converter using Algopix

There can be times where you only have the UPC of a product that you researched, but now you need the EAN because you want to order this product for your inventory from a manufacturer. To convert, you can use Algopix’s tool. It allows you to input any UPC and will deliver the matching EAN, all within in a matter of seconds.

Algopix’s EAN to UPC converter

When selling in the US or on marketplaces like Walmart, sellers often find themselves with an EAN but are missing the UPC. Luckily, Algopix’s tool works both ways: not only does it convert UPC to EAN but also EAN to UPC. This is especially convenient for Walmart’s marketplace because they only accept the UPC and not the EAN.

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