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Which is the Best eComSpy Alternative For You?

Algopix is one of the more powerful eComSpy alternatives. But before we get into that, it’s important to note that eComSpy has changed their name.

The product is now called Marketscout, by eComEngine.

What Does eComSpy and it's Alternatives do?

Marketscout, or eComSpy, is a market research tool for Amazon merchants. It helps sellers pull valuable reports on important information such as the profitability of items using insights from Amazon FBA.

The hope is that these insights give you an understanding of what to stock for maximum profits.

Maximum Profit Vs Demand Level

As an alternative to eComSpy, Algopix provides more data. Such as demand level - a very important point when it comes to deciding what to stock.

Sure, a product may have plenty of sales on Amazon. But if that number isn’t measured against a timeline to get to the most current demand level, that information is useless.

Bulk Analysis Vs. Bulk Search

Being able to analyze products in bulk is extremely useful - especially if you’re researching thousands of products every month. A necessity if you’re aiming to be a top seller.

With marketscout, you can search thousands of SKU’s fast. Algopix offers the same service, but with more information.

Regardless, both tools are useful in this area, a rarity among market research tools.

A Wide Market

Algopix offers product research options on 3 platforms - Amazon, eBay and Walmart - across 16 different marketplaces. Which means whatever your preference, Algopix could be a match for you.

This also helps to eliminate deadstock and ensure that you’re getting the maximum amount of profit per sale. For example, if stock isn’t moving on Amazon and you’re shipping the items yourself, you can quickly switch the product to another market, perhaps on eBay, where the product demand is high.

Sadly marketscout doesn’t offer this feature.


Marketscout can be more affordable, depending on your circumstance. Algopix offer very affordable fixed monthly and annual payments, whereas Marketscout offers a pay as you go pricing model.

Both are affordable, but in the pricing department Marketscout has the edge. However given the limited number of markets and functionality this makes perfect sense.

The Power Of Choice

Whether you choose one platform or go with both, the choice is yours. But in the end Algopix is better suited to the ambitious seller, whereas Marketscout is a fair option for the exclusive FBA seller.

Pricing and Demand Overview
Bulk Analysis
Amazon Insights
eBay Insights
Walmart Insights
Recommendations for potentially profitable products
Marketplace actual fees
Accurate shipping fees
Tax liability estimation
A wide benchmark of 16 different markets

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