Algopix Product Discovery Tool

Finding products for Amazon, eBay and Walmart using simple keywords

The powerful Algopix Product Discovery Tool streamlines your product search with an overview of currently available listings that are relevant to your entered keywords.

Algopix makes it easier than ever to discover market opportunities on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart without requiring accurate product identifiers!

Leveraging new market opportunities and finding new product niches is key to the eCommerce business. We know that finding new products to source is difficult because you often don’t have a specific product in mind yet — so your search terms are usually still vague at this stage of your research process.

With Algopixs product discovery tool, you can perform broad searches for products using only keywords, see all of the listings that match along with their data, and go on to analyze them with ease. The insights provided by the Product Analysis include the market price, a detailed breakdown of expenses (shipping costs, marketplaces fees, etc.), the product demand level, a competitor analysis, selling insights, and sales performance across 16 marketplaces.

The Algopix algorithm also recommends you whether to sell this product or not based on the profit margin and demand level. With this information at hand, you can take your business to the next level—maximize profits with minimum risk!

And a very important feature for wholesale sellers or businesses with many products: the search results can be exported to be analyzed in bulk – up to 3,000 products at a time!

4 Ways Algopix’s Product Discovery Tool Can Help Your Business


Simply search for the brand names of your competitors to receive an overview of their product listings on a specific marketplace. The Algopix Single Product Analysis then provides you with detailed insights for the different products your competitors sell. These include price points on different markets, a competitive analysis, demand level, sales performance, and much more! In addition, you can easily leverage this data to research new lines of products, track your eCommerce sales or monitor your online presence!


Just enter some keywords that roughly describe what you’re looking for and get a quick overview of products for your targeted niche. The Single Product Analysis then provides you with detailed insights, such as price points on different markets, demand level, sales performance, competitive analysis and much more! This information helps you to quickly decide whether this is a niche worth investigating further!

Private Label Sellers

You can easily analyze your targeted product category more closely by first searching with broad keywords. Then, you can dive deeper into selected products with the Single Product Analysis Tool that provides you with detailed information about demand levels, expected expenses and profits, the level of competition and much more! Leverage this data to determine your next best-selling product category!

New Amazon & eBay Sellers

Enter broad keywords for the Product Discovery Tool at first to get an overview of different product categories and. You can then start diving deeper on selected products with Algopix’s Single Product Analysis that provides you with all the insights (selling recommendation, market demand, sales performance, competition analysis, etc.) you need to get started selling today! Pro tip: Check out our free eBook “Getting Started with Selling on Amazon

How to Use the Product Discovery Tool

To help you get started, we created this short video explaining how to use the Product Discovery tool.

All you need to do is:

  1. Enter one or multiple keywords in the search bar – the advantage of this product discovery tool is that your search term can be very general, such as “fitbit”, or more specific, like “fitbit fitness tracker”.
  2. Select the market you want Algopix to analyze.

Algopix’s Product Discovery tool provides you with a simple, but highly effective overview of product listings related to your search phrase.

A simple click on ‘Analyze Product’ takes you to the Single Product Analysis where you receive data-driven insights about market demand, possible margins, shipping costs, marketplace fees, competition, and much more!