Algopix Product Discovery Tool

Finding products for Amazon, eBay and Walmart using simple keywords

The powerful Algopix Product Discovery Tool streamlines your product search with an overview of currently available listings that are relevant to your entered keywords.

Algopix makes it easier than ever to discover market opportunities on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart without requiring accurate product identifiers!

Leveraging new market opportunities and finding new product niches is key to the eCommerce business. We know that finding new products to source is difficult because you often don’t have a specific product in mind yet — so your search terms are usually still vague at this stage of your research process.

With Algopixs product discovery tool, you can perform broad searches for products using only keywords, see all of the listings that match along with their data, and go on to analyze them with ease. The insights provided by the Product Analysis include the market price, a detailed breakdown of expenses (shipping costs, marketplaces fees, etc.), the product demand level, a competitor analysis, selling insights, and sales performance across 16 marketplaces.

The Algopix algorithm also recommends you whether to sell this product or not based on the profit margin and demand level. With this information at hand, you can take your business to the next level—maximize profits with minimum risk!

And a very important feature for wholesale sellers or businesses with many products: the search results can be exported to be analyzed in bulk – up to 3,000 products at a time!

4 Ways Algopix’s Product Discovery Tool Can Help Your Business

Use Cases

  • Brands
  • Resllers
  • Private Label Sellers
  • Newbies