Successful resellers continually seek opportunity for untapped markets, niche product categories to dive into and items that yield high-profit margins.

Our new Amazon resellers tool & eBay resellers tool facilitates efficient Product Discovery and gives resellers the ability to explore profitable product listings, scout market opportunities and assess the competitive environment more effectively than ever before.

With the Algopix Product Discovery Tool, reseller businesses can discover product listings on 16 global Amazon, eBay and Walmart marketplaces. Through an intuitive keyword search, Algopix generates and displays an overview of keyword-related product listings within a selected marketplace. Having this information at hand, eCommerce resellers can explore lucrative product & market opportunities and take advantage of price fluctuations across global eCommerce stores.

Moreover, the Algopix Product Discovery Tool reveals price levels of live product listings from a particular brand across eBay and Amazon marketplaces which support resellers in making an informed decision on the pricing strategy for their existing inventory. When reselling Amazon products, it’s crucial not setting prices too high thus scaring away customers, or pricing too low and gaining fewer profits.

Individual product listings that are revealed in the product discovery overview can be seamlessly analyzed in-depth with the Algopix Single Product Analysis to obtain real-time information on the product’s demand level, competitive environment, cross-channel eCommerce performance and possible profit margins. Alternatively, the research results from the product discovery tool can be exported and uploaded as a whole into the Algopix Bulk Product Analysis.

Use Cases

  • Brands
  • Private Label Sellers
  • Newbies