Successful private label sellers continually explore new product category opportunities to expand their existing assortment.

With the Algopix Product Discovery Tool, Private Label Sellers can now conveniently discover product listings through an intuitive keyword search and accurately assess profit margins and competition with cutting-edge technology. Moreover, our new feature helps Private Label Sellers to discover untapped markets, profitable niche opportunities and price fluctuations – priceless information for sellers when sourcing private label products.

The Algopix Product Discovery Tool enables FBA Private Label Sellers to evaluate niche product opportunities on 16 Amazon, eBay and Walmart marketplaces to gain insights into price levels of product listings from any given brand. Through an intuitive keyword search, Algopix generates and reveals an overview of related product listings within a selected marketplace and displays essential product information such as its brand, price, extended product attributes and customer reviews. Private label sellers can leverage these insights to evaluate the profitability of niche product categories and other relevant private label products that they wish to dive into, and compare pricing levels of product listings across 16 global Amazon, eBay and Walmart marketplaces.

Moreover, our product discovery feature allows private label sellers to assess the competitive environment of any given product, product category or brand within a specific marketplace. By displaying the brand name alongside individual product listings, Algopix provides insight for private label sellers into who’s supplying and how many actors are selling within a given marketplace. Having this information at hand, private label sellers can conveniently assess the market concentration of any product category across global eCommerce stores and thus make an informed decision on a product’s profitability. All in all, our product discovery tool is designed to reveal the best products to private label sellers.

Individual product listings that are revealed in the product discovery overview can be seamlessly analyzed in-depth with the Algopix Single Product Analysis to obtain real-time information on the product’s demand level, competitive environment, cross-channel eCommerce performance and possible profit margins. Alternatively, the research results from the product discovery tool can be exported and uploaded as a whole into the Algopix Bulk Product Analysis.

Use Cases

  • Brands
  • Resellers
  • Newbies