Online sellers who recently joined the eCommerce community are advised to conduct thorough research in order to identify profitable products and obtain insight into sales strategies from more mature merchants.

Algopix facilitates efficient product discovery more effectively and quicker than ever before. As the majority of sellers are increasingly selling across multiple channels, we built our new tool to serve both as an eBay product finder and Amazon product finder.

The Algopix Product Discovery for Newbies allows to explore and assess the profitability of product listings across 16 global Amazon, eBay and Walmart marketplaces, thus enabling new sellers to dive into their first product category based on data-driven product & market insights. Through an intuitive keyword search, Algopix generates and reveals an overview of keyword-related product listings within a selected marketplace together with the product image, the product title, the price, the product category, several unique product identifiers, specific product attributes and customer reviews. With this information at hand, eCommerce sellers can explore and discover profitable product listings and obtain better insight into their competitive environment.

Moreover, online sellers that already have a certain item or product category in mind, not only have the opportunity to easily assess the viability of selling these products, but also receive inspiration for listing designs and product attributes from more mature sellers. With the Algopix Product Discovery Tool, new eCommerce sellers no longer have to start from scratch when deciding on pricing, listing design and target market, and can benefit from having insight into profitable market opportunities from the very start. Our new feature can be leveraged both as an eBay product discovery tool and Amazon product discovery tool and facilitates omnichannel product sourcing, right from the very start of the eCommerce journey.

Individual product listings that are revealed in the product discovery overview can be seamlessly analyzed in-depth with the Algopix Single Product Analysis to obtain real-time information on the product’s demand level, competitive environment, cross-channel eCommerce performance and possible profit margins. Alternatively, the research results from the product discovery tool can be exported and uploaded as a whole into the Algopix Bulk Product Analysis.

Use Cases

  • Brands
  • Resellers
  • Private Label Sellers