Successful brands continually analyze the market environment and its product offerings – and take necessary actions to stay ahead of the competition.

Having insight into market saturation, pricing level and market actors is essential for brands to decide whether diving into a new product category or expanding their existing assortment will be profitable. Either an eBay product discovery tool or alternatively, Amazon product discovery tool, provide an effective and convenient way to obtain such information.

As many of our users are selling through multiple marketplaces and to facilitate omnichannel sales strategies,, we built the Algopix Product Discovery Tool to serve both as an eBay product finder and Amazon product finder.

The Algopix Product Discovery Tool provides sellers with full visibility into the competitive environment by analyzing product listings from competitors across 16 global Amazon, eBay and Walmart marketplaces. Through an intuitive keyword search, Algopix generates and reveals an overview of live product listings within a selected marketplace. With this information, brands can easily detect whether competitors have published new product listings and can assess the competitor’s pricing level to adapt their own to ensure competitive pricing.

Reseller brands have the opportunity to identify unknown competitors within a specific marketplace or within a specific product category – essential information when operating in niche product markets. Alternatively, reseller brands that have only recently expanded their product category assortment can conveniently and effectively scout new competing sellers and explore regional price levels.

Individual product listings that are revealed in the product discovery overview can be seamlessly analyzed in-depth with the Algopix Single Product Analysis to obtain real-time information on the product’s demand level, competitive environment, cross-channel eCommerce performance and possible profit margins. Alternatively, the research results from the product discovery tool can be exported and uploaded as a whole into the Algopix Bulk Product Analysis.

Use Cases

  • Resllers
  • Private Label Sellers
  • Newbies