Walmart is well-known for running a huge chain of brick-and-mortar stores, making it the largest company by revenue globally. Walmart also operates one of the world’s fastest-growing online marketplaces. The Algopix API offers access to in-depth retail analytics for Walmart and cross-channel insights that are considered to be best-in-class, based on a Walmart API integration. Key data points such as product attributes, titles, descriptions, images, etc. can be easily integrated with the ERP/CRM system or multi-channel listing software of your choice. This allows you to receive real-time competitive intelligence and enables automatic benchmarking & repricing of your inventory.

Walmart Retail Analytics

Algopix is a trusted data source for more than 65,000 merchants worldwide already, providing a wide range of valuable retail analytics for Walmart via API.

Product Identifiers and Titles

Quickly identify and match your products on Walmart and other marketplaces like Amazon and eBay with product identifiers and titles. Product identifiers provided include the ASIN (including local and variation ASINs), EAN, and UPC. Algopix provides the product results based on a variety of parameters: keywords, barcodes, model number and more! Additionally, the Walmart Item ID can be retrieved.

Product Attributes

Product catalog data can be easily enhanced with detailed information about items that is based on a Walmart integration: brand name, model, color, item description & images, product dimensions & weight, MSRP and the listing URL are at your fingertips – also very useful to keep an eye on your competition!

Breakdown of Expenses

No more unexpected costs with Algopix’s detailed breakdown of the expenses related to selling on Walmart, which includes marketplace fees and tax expenses.

Walmart Automatic Benchmarking & Repricing

Real-time market data for Walmart enables benchmarking of your entire inventory on a daily or even hourly basis and allows the setup of automatic rules for repricing your products!

Market Price

With an up-to-date market price, you can instantly react to changing market conditions across Walmart, eBay and Amazon marketplaces and set up automatic rules for Walmart repricing. By comparing and analyzing price differences, cross-channel competition can be uncovered. Additionally, you can monitor your online presence by readily detecting MAP violations.

Demand Level

Optimize your inventory planning with accurate insights about the demand for your products.

Product Sales Performance

With Algopix’ estimations for monthly unit sales and revenues, product sourcing decisions are based on actual numbers – calculated by combining numerous data points and proprietary transactional data.

Algopix Listing Insights

To give you a better understanding of how and why our algorithms make their decisions and recommendations, we implemented Algopix Listing Insights. These are also a great way to uncover new selling opportunities!

Walmart Real-Time Competitive Intelligence

Receive a better perspective on the competitive landscape for your products with key pieces of real-time intelligence!

Extensive Competitors Analysis

With the Algopix API, you have access to accurate information about the level of competition for your products across Walmart, eBay, and Amazon! With data points such as number of sellers, market price and seller ratings, you can better evaluate new product opportunities if you can compete on price and have better feedback scores.

The Algopix API provides best-in class product-level data, brand-level intelligence and category-level insights on Amazon, eBay and Walmart marketplaces across various countries – all in real-time!