ChannelAdvisor is the leading eCommerce platform to streamline and guide all of your most critical marketing, selling and fulfilling activities. They excel in supporting sellers throughout their sales operations on multiple markets at a time. ChannelAdvisor is one of the most complete multi-channel eCommerce solutions on the market with a wide set of features that range from intelligent demand forecasts and automatic repricing to product content optimization and fulfillment networks. Consider a ChannelAdvisor integration for the best results!

Algopix complements ChannelAdvisor perfectly by providing product and market intelligence across different marketplaces. The result is real-time product data, unique brand-level intelligence, and best-in-class cross channel insights – for up to 17 Amazon, eBay, and Walmart marketplaces!

ChannelAdvisor Market Intelligence

Product Identifiers and Titles

By connecting to the Algopix API, you have access to a range of product identifiers for your SKUs: ASIN (including local and variation ASINs), EAN, UPC, and Walmart Item ID. This way, you can easily identify and match your products across different online marketplaces. The only required input is a keyword, barcode, product identifier or model number.

Product Attributes

The Algopix API offers access to a broad range of product, including item description & images, product dimensions & weight, MSRP, brand name, model, color, and the listing URL. With this information at hand, you can enhance your product catalog data and update your listings – fast & easy!

Expenses Calculation

The expenses calculation includes a breakdown of the costs for selling your item on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. Marketplace fees and tax amount are available for eBay and Walmart marketplaces; Amazon additionally includes the fees for selling via FBA.

Product Sales Performance

Accurate estimations for monthly product sales performance allow for continuous benchmarking of your inventory across Amazon, eBay, and Walmart! Key data points, such as monthly unit sales and revenue, enable more informed product-sourcing decisions.

Best-In-Class Cross-Channel Insights & Brand Intelligence

Market Price & Demand Level Across Channels

The market price as well as the demand level for your products can be continuously retrieved for the marketplaces you’re selling on. Use this information to react to market trends instantly, to set up automatic rules for your inventory planning, and to detect MAP violations!

Extensive Competitors Analysis

At the heart of Algopix’s system is the extensive competitor analysis, which determines the level of competition for your products based on the number of sellers who offer the product. Price points and seller rating are provided, too, for multiple marketplaces, enabling you to react to cross-channel competition.

Amazon Insights

For Amazon marketplaces, the Algopix API offers a number of additional retail analytics. These include:

  • Name and ID of the Amazon category of the product,
  • The product’s best seller ranking in each category,
  • Whether the product is sold via Amazon FBA,
  • Whether Amazon itself offers the product, and
  • If there is a Buy Box offering, the price and seller rating for this offer are provided as well.