Magento is one of the world’s most powerful, yet versatile eCommerce platforms, providing solutions for businesses of every type and size. Magento Commerce unites all the tools needed to bring a commerce vision to life. With other services, such as order management, business intelligence and the Magento Marketplaces, extraordinary growth is guaranteed. A Magento integration should be considered if you want the best results for your business.

Algopix is the leading cross-channel platform for product market research insights and the ideal companion for Magento market intelligence. With the Algopix API, you have real-time access to valuable product data, unique brand-level intelligence, and Magento customized reports for your inventory – just as with a Magento API integration.

Magento Market Intelligence

The Algopix API gives you access to a broad range of valuable Magento market intelligence, making it a trusted data source for more than 65,000 merchants worldwide.

Product Identifiers and Titles

Magento product matching is simple with the product identifiers provided by Algopix. The ASIN, EAN, UPC, and Walmart Item ID can be found for a total of 17 Amazon, eBay, and Walmart locales. The only required search parameter for the Algopix selling insights is a keyword, barcode, or model number.

Product Attributes

Extensive product attribute information helps to enhance your product listing and catalog data. Data points include the brand name, model, color, item description & images, product dimensions & weight, MSRP, and the listing URL.

Breakdown of Expenses

Selling on multiple marketplaces means different marketplace fees. Algopix provides you with the costs associated with selling on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart, such as marketplace fees, tax expenses and Amazon FBA selling fees.

Magento Automatic Benchmarking

Accurate estimations for monthly unit sales and gross merchandise volume allow for automatic benchmarking of your Magento inventory.

Brand-Level Intelligence & Category-Level Insights for Magento Sellers

Demand Level & Market Price Across Channels

Product market prices are accessible in real-time, enabling you to set up automatic rules for repricing and handling market trends. Moreover, Algopix determines the demand level for your Magento inventory across eBay, Amazon and Walmart!

Competitive Intelligence

Uncover cross-channel competition and tap into new selling opportunities with the Algopix competition analysis that calculates the level of competition for your line of products based on real-time transactional data! Price points, seller ratings, and number of offers across sales channels enable you to assess your competition in even greater detail.

Amazon Insights

Amazon sellers can leverage some additional intelligence. New market opportunities can be uncovered with information about whether the product is sold via Amazon FBA, whether Amazon itself offers the product, and whether there is a Buy Box offering. If there is, the price and seller rating for this offer are provided as well. Product insights include the best seller ranking in each Amazon category as well as the Name and ID of the Amazon category.