eBay is one of the top online marketplaces with an innovative model of consumer-to-consumer on top of business-to-consumer sales. With the Algopix API, in-depth retail analytics for eBay and best-in-class cross-channel insights are at your fingertips. SKU-level data (attributes, titles, descriptions, images, etc.), real-time competitive intelligence and automatic benchmarking makes all the difference for your business. On top of that, all data points can be easily integrated with your ERP/CRM system or multi-channel listing software.

eBay Retail Analytics

The Algopix API provides access to a wide range of retail analytics for eBay – a trusted data source for more than 65,000 merchants already.

Product Identifiers and Titles

Product identifiers, such as the ASIN (including local and variation ASINs), EAN, and UPC, as well as product titles make it easy to identify and match your products across different eBay locales and other marketplaces (like eBay and Walmart). What’s more, these results are available based on multiple parameters: keywords, barcodes, model number and more!

Product Attributes

Detailed attributes enhance your product catalog data and analyze your competition. These include brand name, model, color, item description & images, product dimensions & weight, MSRP and the listing URL.

Expenses Breakdown

Relying on your gut feeling is a thing of the past with an accurate overview of the expenses related to selling on eBay, such as marketplace fees and tax expenses.

eBay Automatic Benchmarking & Repricing

Set up automatic rules for repricing your inventory and easily benchmark your product catalog on a daily basis – made possible with real-time market data!

Market Price

Instantly react to market trends and set up automatic eBay repricing with access to the current market price for your products across different eBay locales. An eBay integration ensures the latest price points. Cross-channel competition can be uncovered and MAP violations are readily detected as this pricing data is also available for eBay and Walmart marketplaces.

Demand Level

Simplify your inventory planning with accurate data about demand for your products.

Product Sales Performance

Make data-driven sourcing decisions with Algopix’s estimations for monthly unit sales and revenue based on numerous data points and proprietary transactional data.

Algopix Listing Insights

These insights ensure you understand how and why Algopix makes its recommendations and decisions. This information can also be leveraged for untapped selling opportunities!

eBay Real-Time Competitive Intelligence

Stay ahead of your competition with lots of real-time intelligence and market data!

Extensive Competitors Analysis

Based on the number of sellers offering the product, Algopix’ algorithms calculate the competition level in each market. In combination with price points and seller ratings, you can uncover untapped product opportunities!

Use the Algopix API to stay on top of current market trends across eBay, Amazon, and Walmart marketplaces, get an edge over your competition, and leverage new market opportunities!