Canine Concepts

Customer : Canine Concepts

Challenge : Managing Product Data

Solution : Using Algopix Sales Data to Choose Inventory

Added Value :

  • Ability to research opportunities with complex inventories

  • Quick analysis leads to rapid scalability

Canine Concepts Increases Amazon Sales Using Algopix

About Canine Concepts:

Based about an hour outside of London, Canine Concepts was founded in 2003 and is one of the UK's leading online pet supply stores. The company sells a large range of pet products and accessories, including dog boots, dog health products, cat toys, supplements and more. Ockert Fourie, the owner of Canine Concepts, purchased the company two years ago and began selling for the first time on Amazon and eBay, as well as the Canine Concepts website.

The Challenge: Managing Product Data

After transitioning from a career in construction to eCommerce, Fourie faced a few challenges, specifically with managing product data.

The eCommerce world was new to him, and as Canine Concepts had been selling animal health products since 2003, he began his selling journey by taking the advice of longtime suppliers.

“Before I came across Algopix, I would speak to the suppliers, as they are happy to provide you with their best-selling products,” Fourie explained. “They have a reasonable sense of what sells well online, but it’s very hit-or-miss, even with their best guess and data. And they're most likely biased, so they’ll add in a few products just to get rid of their line or try to increase their sales.”

The goal at Canine Concepts was to expand the Amazon product lines, and so Fourie began looking for a new way to discover products. After much research, he discovered Algopix.

The Solution: Using Algopix Sales Data to Choose Inventory

Fourie was immediately impressed by Algopix’s ability to upload products in bulk to analyze.

When it comes to “researching the new products, Algopix’s system helps quite nicely,” he said. “The great thing about the bulk upload system is that I can literally load up an entire catalog from a supplier and discover some of their best-selling products.”

With Algopix, Fourie had the ability to upload and analyze up to 3,000 unique products at the same time. This allowed for almost instant data feedback of profitable and unprofitable products, saving him lots of time and effort.

Shortly after finding Algopix, Fourie took on a new supplier and based his initial stock purchase entirely on the Algopix algorithm, which helped sales on Amazon.

Fourie quickly learned that the eCommerce world was more competitive than one might think.

Because of this, Algopix was “fantastic to get started. If I had started using Algopix ages ago, it would have likely have helped along the way. You can get selling on Amazon much quicker with more relevant products with Algopix research.”

Conclusion: An Extremely Useful Solution

Fourie uses Algopix several times a month, to test adding new products to Canine Concepts stocklines. Overall, Fourie finds Algopix to be an extremely useful solution for sellers.

“More than anything else, rather than having to go into Amazon and search one product at a time, I have an easier way of doing it,” he said.

Through Algopix, it is easy for him to see the sales ranking, sales volume and sales price, and to see if there is enough margin to sell the product. He bases his decision on that.

Through and through, Fourie said, “Algopix is quite handy.”

About Algopix

Algopix aggregates data from 16 global marketplaces in real time and analyzes over 12 million products for over 30,000 users worldwide. Using innovative, proprietary algorithms, Algopix provides online sellers with comprehensive actionable recommendations, product research, competitive analysis and more. The Algopix platform saves valuable time, reduces risks, and helps sellers make better, more informed decisions about new and current products in stock and expansion into international marketplaces.