Andree Ohm

Customer : All4low

Challenge : A Changing eCommerce World

Solution : Collecting and Interpreting Important Data Points Through Algopix

All4low Increases Efficiency Using Algopix

About Andree Ohm

Andree Ohm, the head of purchasing at All4low, an online retailer based out of Hanover, Germany, has been selling online since 1999. He began his business by selling products, from electronics, to accessories, to mobile devices.

Currently, All4low sells through Amazon EU and eBay. There are no current plans to expand to more international markets, but with the rapid expansion of the eCommerce world, things might change in the upcoming years.

The Challenge: A Changing eCommerce World

The eCommerce world has been through much change in the past 20 years. Technology is advancing and parts of the world are urbanizing faster than ever.

Online retail has grown rapidly in recent years and consumers are demanding products faster and more often than ever before. Now, shoppers are used to delivery in less than a week, and preferably in just one to two days. Shoppers search for free shipping. Free returns? Even better.

“It's getting harder. If I compare it now to what it was when I started 20 years ago, the customer used to call me and say ‘Wow! I received a parcel from you just within one week. Thank you!’ and they were surprised!” Ohm recalled. “People weren’t used to buying online. Now, people demand and expect so many things. It’s harder. Competition is harder.”

This boom in online retail has pushed many companies to join the race.

“More companies now jump in the game and think they’re going to be millionaires within four weeks on Amazon,” he said. “Financing is the biggest challenge. You need more money than ever to gain the best buying prices.”

However, with so many sellers, Amazon is becoming a saturated market. It is hard not to get lost. All sellers need to now find ways to differentiate themselves from the rest, and All4low was no exception.

The Solution: Collecting and Interpreting Important Data Points Through Algopix

After 20 years working in the eCommerce market, Ohm knows his stuff. But, even so, it's beneficial to have a solution like Algopix.

“I know the market well and Algopix is helping,” he said. “It’s nice to have a platform that can find which products are best to sell, because before, just my stomach would find it.”

Before finding Algopix, Ohm would spend time checking Amazon feedback and Best Sellers Rankings to research products and decide what to sell. Now, Algopix does all that busy work instantly.

“Algopix is an advantage, he said. “For sure, an advantage.”

Since finding Algopix almost six weeks ago, Ohm has been basing almost every purchase decision on Algopix recommendations.

“I use Algopix anytime now. If I get an EAN barcode from a supplier and the buying price, I type it in. I use both single and bulk search. It helps me a lot.”

In order to make decisions, Andree looks mostly at the Yes or No recommendations, but then dives deeper into the data that Algopix provides.

“Algopix is my colleague—my second opinion. I recommend using Algopix,” he said. “It’s an advantage in this market.”

Conclusion: A Highly Scalable Business and a Flexible Career

With the help of Algopix, All4low is growing at an incredible rate of 40 percent week over week since their launch. Ohm is confident that Algopix will continue to help the business scale even more.

“I’ve personally built a handful of businesses, and part of that involved being part of teams that scaled projects and products from zero to something substantial. But you can’t do that without the right tools,” he said. “Algopix is the tool that we are using to help us scale in a short period of time.”

At the same time, launching his eCommerce business allowed Ohm to have a lucrative career using his experience in retail while giving him the flexibility to be with his family.

He highly recommends Algopix to eCommerce sellers. “In order to run a business today, it can’t be done based on gut instincts,” he noted. “You have to use the data to justify your decisions. That’s how Algopix helps.”

About Algopix

Algopix aggregates data from 16 global marketplaces in real time and analyzes over 12 million products for over 30,000 users worldwide. Using innovative, proprietary algorithms, Algopix provides online sellers with comprehensive actionable recommendations, product research, competitive analysis and more. The Algopix platform saves valuable time, reduces risks, and helps sellers make better, more informed decisions about new and current products in stock and expansion into international marketplaces.