Yes. Even if you’re selling in only one marketplace, you can still benefit from the insights Algopix offers. With data points like product demand level, estimated expenses and profit, you can get a better understanding of how you’re performing in your current market. Additionally, you can use Algopix to vet new products and markets without the hassle of performing tedious manual research.
Yes. Algopix can help manufacturers make critical business decisions by answering important questions like what the demand level is for similar products in different markets, what the recommended selling price of the item is in different markets and what are anticipated expenses.
Algopix provides insights into eBay, Amazon, and Walmart in one easy to use platform. Covering 17 markets internationally, Algopix is the best solution for online sellers that sell in Amazon, eBay and Walmart and/or are considering expanding into new markets. Algopix also provides the data that truly matters for online sellers including a detailed expenses breakdown, recommended selling price (not lowest price or average price), competitive analysis and a smart ‘recommendation engine’ to help make quick buying decisions. Algopix is also the only solution that offers a truly in-depth analysis for multiple products at once via the Multiple Product Analysis feature.
There are a number of ways Algopix can impact your bottom line including:
  • Giving you the data needed to avoid making unnecessary purchases which will reduce the cost of overstock and/or slow movers.
  • A better understanding of opportunities in different markets can help you expand your business and drive more revenue.
  • By analyzing price quotes from new or existing suppliers, you can ensure you’re purchasing the right products from the right supplier at the right price.

This feature estimates the monthly sales volume (i.e., units sold) and gross merchandise volume (GMV) of any product on eBay and Amazon, throughout their international marketplaces.

Designed for sellers, manufacturers and brands, Sales Estimator is a gateway to invaluable, actionable intelligence - whether you’re trying to expand your business into new territory, or evaluating a new product.

When you choose the “FBA & MCF” option, select the country where your Amazon warehouse is located (the location where you will ship your products from). Algopix currently supports 9 different countries, with more likely to be added in future updates. After selecting your country of origin, your insights will be tailored for that specific country for both Amazon and eBay. For example: if you chose the US, Algopix will show you results for Amazon-US and eBay-US.

Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) Fees

The fees you see reflects the estimated FBA fees for any product sold on Amazon-US.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment Fees

The fees you see reflects the estimated MCF fees for any product sold on eBay-US.

Shipping Carriers Fees

There is also a “Shipping Carriers” option. Simply select the country you are shipping your products from (US, UK, and AU) and Algopix will determine your estimated shipping costs for major carriers like USPS (for US), Royal Mail (for UK) and Australia Post (for AU).

Yes! The free trial is 7 days during which you can enjoy all the benefits from the “Algopix Basic” plan. When the trial is over, you will have the option of subscribing to one of our pricing plans or you will automatically transition to the more restricted free version with limited access.
Algopix's customers may cancel their subscription at any time and receive a partial refund.
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