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eBay originally started out as an online auction platform in 1995 before making the transition to a more regular eCommerce website. Its customer-to-customer and business-to-customer marketplaces consist of 1.6 billion listings, of which most are fixed-price listings like on Amazon and only a minority of auction listings can be found. 87% of eBay’s gross merchandise volume (GMV) in 2016 was generated by products with fixed-price listings. eBay’s welcomes 171 million active users in more than 190 markets worldwide, making it an attractive market where online merchants can sell.

France is the sixth strongest economy worldwide and next to the UK and Germany, one of the leading economies in the EU. Its eCommerce market was worth €72 billion ($76 billion) in 2016 and is predicted to break the €100 billion ($116 billion) mark in 2019. Online and mobile marketplaces like Amazon and eBay France are playing a big role in this development since they have a huge impact on how eCommerce developed over the past years.

A huge amount of sellers means there is intense competition across product categories

Back when eBay was mainly an auction website, it made sense that every listing would be displayed separately – no matter how similar the descriptions and titles were. This legacy can still be found on eBay nowadays even though almost 90% of its listings are fixed-price listings and leads to a cluttered search result page with hundreds of similar or duplicate product listings. eBay US and eBay Germany have fixed this issue by adding an option to group similar listings, but this solution still needs to be implemented in eBay France. Given the huge amount of similar listings, you need to put in more effort to optimize your product listings so you will be displayed on top. Another option can be selling niche products with less competitors making it more likely for you to rank higher in the search results. Algopix’s eBay France product research provides you with an indicator for the competition level making it easier for you to identify low-competition products.

Costs for selling a product on eBay France’s marketplace

eBay is one of the only websites that allows sellers access to its marketplace without setup fees or a monthly subscription. However, this doesn’t mean that eBay isn’t monetarizing its platform. When selling on eBay, you have to pay certain fees for inserting a listing, PayPal fees, Final Value Fees (FVF), and more. Though it is is optional,you can run your own eBay store, like 91% of eBay’s top sellers, for a monthly subscription fee which will in return lower some of the aforementioned fees. These various fees make it difficult to calculate expenses related to selling on eBay.fr.

Algopix’s detailed expenses analysis provides you with crucial information about the costs for selling a product on eBay France’s marketplace. You will get a breakdown of all the important categories, including taxes, PayPal Fees, marketplace fees, and more. Additionally, Algopix’s eBay France product research tool allows you to compare the costs for different fulfillment methods. You can either choose Multi-Channel Fulfillment or traditional shipping carriers and your logistic expenses will be adjusted accordingly. This gives you the opportunity to reliably estimate your costs for multiple fulfillment scenarios. To top it off, Algopix will provide you with a calculated profit margin based on the purchasing costs, expenses, and product price allowing you to make a fully informed product sourcing decision.

Good inventory management starts with the right product sourcing decision

Every good business decision starts with research:that especially counts for product sourcing decisions. Buying the wrong product can leave you with deadstock, effectively blocking storage for other products that will sell faster, thus costing you money. In order to avoid deadstock, you need in-depth knowledge about a product’s demand level, supply-side, and costs allowing you to form a comprehensive pricing strategy.

Algopix’s eBay France market research offers all this information right at your fingertips. Its easy-to-read dashboard provides you with crucial information about the demand level and competition level for a product. Additional calculations for a product’s sales volume and gross merchandise volume (GMV) in the last month give you a deeper understanding of the market’s dynamics and demand. Further information about the costs related to selling a product on a marketplace and the expected profit margin allow you to price your products competitively,ultimately reducing your risk of sitting on dead inventory. This allows you to make important business decision backed by as much information as possible in no time.

Algopix’s eBay France seller tool

Almost 60% of eBay’s marketplace revenue comes from non-US marketplaces like eBay.fr, eBay.co.uk, or eBay.de. After all this amounted to a total revenue of $9 billion for eBay in 2016. With customers in 190 different countries worldwide eBay is an exceptional eCommerce giant that knows how to build a relationship to its customers.

While more online sellers should dare to expand to other international markets, it always carries a risk of failure. Algopix’s eBay France seller tool helps you to get rid of all uncertainties that come up when thinking about international expansion. Its competition level indicator gives you a view on a market’s supply-side. Algopix’s Sales Estimator calculates a product’s sales volume and gross merchandise volume (GMV) in the last month so you can estimate a market’s demand level and dynamic. Additionally, you will be provided with a thorough expenses analysis of any costs related to selling your product on different marketplaces and an estimated profit margin. With all this information, which you will get for up to seven eBay marketplaces, you can make a comprehensive decision about a new marketplace before committing to it.

Sourcing many products is a time-consuming task restraining you from achieving the full potential of your eBay store

Running an online retail business demands that you handle multiple tasks at the same time. This restrains you in how much time you can allocate to each business tasks. Sourcing the right products is one of the most time-consuming tasks, yet it can’t be neglected because your sales mix is the foundation of your business. Algopix’s eBay France marketplace research allows you to free up much needed time by offering an intuitive product research dashboard that aggregates all the important information that is needed to make a decision regarding a single product’s profitability. But also when it comes to analyzing tens or hundreds of products, Algopix knows how to satisfy.s Bulk Analysis feature allows you to research up to 200 products at the same time while delivering the same high-quality information as if you were researching one product. With these powerful features, product sourcing becomes a task of a matter of minutes and allows you to focus more time on other important business tasks.

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