Algopix Store Analysis: Spy on your Amazon competitors!

Algopix Store Analysis: Spy on your Amazon competitors!

Get actionable insights into an entire seller storefront store and analyze your competition on Amazon with just a few clicks. With the new Algopix Store Analysis tool, sellers can explore competitors’ inventory, discover their best-selling items and spy out unknown market opportunities in a matter of minutes.

Step by step: How the Algopix Store Analysis works

1. Choose a store 

Select an Amazon store that you would like to analyze. If you already know who your competing sellers on Amazon are – great. If you’re not sure who you are competing with, simply take a closer look at the Amazon Buy Box of a product’s listing page that fits your own assortment and that you consider being offered by a competitor. Inside the buy box, Amazon shows the seller(s) of a particular product. Simply click on the seller’s name to get directed to their Amazon seller profile. From there, copy the particular storefront URL which is located at the very top of a seller profile just below the seller’s name. You’re good to go for Step 2! 

2. Paste the Storefront URL

Having copied the storefront URL from a relevant competitor of yours, simply paste it into the search bar. Click on the search icon and let Algopix do the work. 

3. Get inventory data in seconds

You will see an overview of all listings that are currently offered on Amazon by this particular seller. Attached to each individual listing, Algopix shows the product image, its title, the ASIN and the price. 

4. Click “Get Store Insights” for an in-depth competitor analysis

Now that you’ve had a first grasp into your competitor’s products, take your analysis a step further. Click on the “Get Store Insights” button and Algopix will generate essential product-market insights in a matter of minutes. Select the currency, shipping location and fulfillment method of the store you want to analyze. Then, decide on up to four marketplaces that you wish to include in the Store Insights report. 

Once your Amazon store insights are generated, we will notify you on your Algopix account Email address or you can check the process status under “My uploaded files” in the Algopix account dropdown menu. 

Leverage Algopix Store Insights

Besides the store’s name, seller feedback score, average rating, and current inventory volume, the Amazon store analysis will contain essential information on your competition including:

  • Total monthly sales opportunities within the selected markets
  • Product demand breakdown by country
  • Sales volume history estimates by country
  • Competition levels for products sold
  • Top 5 recommended products in each market
  • The average number of competitors per product

Experience the power of Algopix Store Insights

The results from your competitor analysis with Algopix’ amazon research tool will speak for itself. The Algopix Store Analysis feature provides extensive insights into direct competitors and their product offerings while revealing untapped market opportunities and profitable items. With the Algopix Store Analysis feature, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors and take advantage of sales opportunities that they’ve missed out on. 

Sign up for our 7-day trial and start leveraging insights from the Algopix Store Analysis for free. For a limited time only!

Happy Selling!
The Algopix Team