Sellbrite Multi-Channel Selling Software for eBay & Amazon

Built as a multichannel selling solution from the ground up, Sellbrite is flexible enough to fit your business without custom setup or complex integrations. Algopix and Sellbrite both support Amazon and eBay marketplaces with easy-to-use tools and deep market insights.


Multi-channel selling software

Selling on just one sales channel won’t help maintain a profitable business nowadays. Having multiple channels on the other hand, brings multiple benefits. If your only sales channel experiences low demand, or you are suddenly banned on your marketplace, you will struggle to keep your business alive. Multiple sales channels not only diversify this risk, but also generate yoursales. Selling on your online store and one additional marketplace will increase your revenue by about 87%.

Sellbrite’s multi-channel software solution provides online sellers with the most important feature to start selling on more than one sales channel: it easily integrates with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Sears, and others. According to their website, merchants using Sellbrite experience a 307% growth after the first year of using their multi-channel selling software for eBay, Amazon, and other sales channels.

Sellbrite listing & inventory management

Sellbrite’s powerful listing feature allows you to easily create new listings for your sales channels from one single platform. You can bulk list items, set up listing templates, and don’t have to worry about product variation, because they are all gathered in one interface. Additionally, Sellbrite for eBay supports your custom HTML templates. Despite listing products, you also need to change and update listings or product prices which can be done with Sellbrite. All changes then will be synced across your sales channels, and prices can be changed based on your predefined price rules.

With a unified listing process for all your marketplaces and online stores, you will reach more customers and soon experience higher sales. This triggers the need for you to keep track of your inventory, which could be done manually; however, this will open up room for errors like overselling and scaling your business operations can become overwhelming quickly.

Sellbrite integrates your inventory from all of your warehouses or storage options, such as FBA, and displays it in their central platform. It then syncs your inventory for your sales channels which will save you valuable time and money since you avoid overselling products. To top it all off, Sellbrite streamlines your order management process by giving you an option to print postage and ship your order from their platform. It does so by integrating with USPS, UPS, and FedEx, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Sellbrite for Amazon and eBay

Sellbrite’s support for Amazon’s and eBay’s marketplaces make it a great addition to Algopix’s Amazon and eBay product research platform. In-depth product market research from Algopix gives you insights into a product’s demand level on Amazon and eBay, how often it has been sold in the past month, and how many competitors there are. Combined with Algopix’s detailed expenses breakdown and calculated profit margin for any of its 15 supported marketplaces, you have a solid foundation to form a strategy to position yourself on the market. Sellbrite then does the legwork to put your strategy into reality and delivers cross-channel, sales, and inventory reports so you can optimize the execution and countersteer early enough if things don’t go as planned.
The same way you can use Sellbrite for Shopify, you can leverage Algopix’s product market insights for your Shopify store.

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