AutoD Dropshipping Tool

AutoDS is All in One dropshipping solution business tool that was built initially at 2016 by dropshippers that wanted to manage their eBay store without spending endless time handing the complicated operational tasks. The dropshipping platform worked so well for them so they have decided to give it a test in the dropshippers market. Nowadays AutoDS used by more than 7,000 eBay stores and turned out to be a huge success. AutoDS gives all in one solution to beginner to advanced dropshippers across the globe focusing on price & stock monitoring, price & stock optimization, sophisticated product lister, orders automation, tracking numbers updates and 3 messages to clients. In addition AutoDS offers full ecosystem for customer support including messages, cases, and returns and many other dropshipping tools and features.


AutoDS Global Outreach

AutoDS platform allows you to import products listing from the biggest retail suppliers around the world such as Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon IT, Amazon FR, Ali Express, Banggood, Walmart and Home Depot directly to your own eBay store.

Integration with Algopix’s eBay market research:

AutoDS integrates amazingly well with Algopix’s supported product markets. It gives to Algopix users to take full advantage from AutoDS in different ways:

If we dive deeper into both platform functionalities it is clear that AutoDS complements the data Algopix provides. Algopix ’s data-driven insights will guide you to find only the right products that sell and sells well, as a result of that it would enhance your business performance and will increase sales. When it comes to maximizing efficiency Algopix’s product market research platform enables you to quickly research products individually or in bulk and AutoDS will enable to list those products immediately in your eBay store.
There is another area where we can find synergy and it is on the pricing strategy. Algopix market research tool allows you to compare Amazon marketplaces to recognize the lowest price for sourcing a product, and then determine eBay’s marketplace which yields the highest profit for a given product, in the moment you have this valuable information, AutoDS suggests automatic price raise/drop optimization. It increases the price of the items that sell well and decrease for those who don’t this way you always maximize your profits and get more traffic to your dropshipping business.

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