Your sellers rely on your software to help them with managing sales, purchasing inventory or designing listings. Now you can provide even more value by helping them make the right sourcing decisions about what to buy and where to sell, as well as to help them analyze their current inventory and recommend new sales channels.

Download the step-by-step guide to installing the Algopix widget on your website.

With just a few clicks, the Algopix widget can be embedded on your website for your customers’ use. Using live data from 16 global online marketplaces, the widget provides recommendations, product research, competitive analysis, estimated profits and more.

The Algopix widget
can help customers of

Multi-Channel Inventory
Management Software

  • Complete product information and description (including barcodes)
  • Price points across different channels
  • Sales volumes history statistics
  • Product market share analytics
  • Estimated shipping costs & expenses breakdown


  • Price protection: Indicate MAP / MSRP price violations
  • Extensive competitors analysis
  • Monitor your online presence
  • Close the Gap between Customers and your Brand
  • Straight-forward input and recommendations


  • Explore new opportunities and find your next best sellers
  • Keyword research insights from Google
  • Uncover cross-channel competition
  • React to Trends Instantly
  • Data-driven business decisions