Marlon Smith

New York, USA

I’m a freelance PPC Specialist that has over nine years of experience optimizing your campaigns to help you get the most value out of them. While I started with Facebook advertising, I have expertise in working with Google AdWords, Instagram, LinkedIn, eBay, and Amazon. I’m great at making sure targeted ads reach the right demographics because I take the time to understand your target audience, what they look like, and what they need. If you’re looking for someone who can maximize your traffic without breaking your budget, I’m the person you need.

How I can help Algopix users?

It’s best to have someone with experience at your side. With nearly a decade of PPC work and online advertising experience, I can help you get the best results. There’s a lot you have to consider when selling products online. Algopix makes great suggestions, but I help you develop your PPC campaigns to market and sell those suggestions. With my help, your products will see an increase in traffic and exposure. On top of that, I’ll help you identify and reach your target audience, so that you can get the most value out of your PPC campaigns.