James Pelzer

New York, USA

As an email marketing manager, I have a very unique set of skills. Having worked since the inception of CAN-SPAM back in 2003, I’m well versed in designing successful campaigns that work within its legal restraints. On top of this, I understand what trigger spam filters in common email clients like Gmail, Ymail, Hotmail, and Outlook. I can maximize an email campaign’s reach by reducing the chance that your individual emails get ignored. I make sure that your campaign is both seen and clicked on by as many people as possible.

How I can help Algopix users?

Email campaigns are very susceptible to being effectively shut down by email client’s spam filters. This can be highly detrimental to traffic, and by extension, to your sales. By working with me, I can guarantee long term success for your campaigns by making sure they’re worded and designed in a way that gets around these filters. Algopix is a reliable program for validating your products, but you need an email marketing expert to help you nurture your customers and sell your products.