Emma Wang

Tel-Aviv, Israel

I’m a freelance writer who specializes in writing product descriptions. Over the years, I’ve written in-depth product descriptions for thousands of products. When writing a product description, I make sure to cover every important piece of information about the product. This ensures that a potential customer is fully informed on the product, so they can be confident that the product they’re looking at is exactly what they’re looking for. In doing this, I help you turn maybes into sales.

How I can help Algopix users?

Studies show that 20% of lost sales are due to bad product descriptions. By hiring someone who has the time to write out clear, concise product descriptions, you are covering this loss, and increasing the consistency of your sales. I specialize in making sure your product descriptions clearly convey all the important information about a product. Algopix shows you what products you should sell, but I write you the copy to actually sell them.