Bill Reynolds

New York, USA

I’m a web designer who specializes in creating unique layouts for eBay storefronts. By making efficient use of space, I design online storefronts that are unique, memorable, and easily navigable. With eBay’s push to compete with Amazon, I’ve become an eBay storefront expert. I can help you list your products, create relevant categories, and ensure that your products are optimized for the eBay experience.

How I can help Algopix users

The base design for eBay is often cluttered and littered with improperly categorized items. It gets the job done when someone is selling a single item, but it’s not enough for a proper business owner. As someone trying to run a full storefront, you need to have an interface that is easily accessible, and one that can direct customers to any information they need. I’ll work with you to create an eBay storefront that is optimized and poised to sell your products.