Annie Pollman

New York, USA

I started working in social media marketing early after Facebook started to gain traction. It wasn’t long before I had branched out to Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. By creating engaging content, I aim to generate buzz and get people talking about my client’s brand. I do this through a combination of search engine optimization and creating genuinely good and engaging content. Once engagement has started, I make sure to follow up on the engagement, keeping track of feedback to ensure longevity for the campaign.

How I can help Algopix users?

You already spend a lot of time hunting for new products to sell, finding suppliers, and completing purchase orders. Managing a social media profile takes a lot of time, and that’s time you don’t always have. When running a business, it becomes impossible to keep up with the fast pace of social media interactions. That’s where a social media manager like myself can come in handy. By managing your social media accounts and running social media-based ad campaigns, I can ensure that your brand’s online reputation remains positive by remaining actively engaged with both your potential and existing customers. At the same time, I will monitor the demographics that engage with your posts.