Annabella Sherman

Tel-Aviv, Israel

If you’re looking for someone with in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of social media, I am the person you need. I’ve worked with all the major social media platforms and keep up to date with the latest updates and optimization strategies for these platforms. By creating content that both maximizes reach and optimizes search engine results, I help you reach a wider audience. My strategies are designed to produce content that will appeal to your user base on whatever platforms you need, while still making sure the content is thematically connected to ensure model coherency during any ad campaigns. If you’re looking to send a clear message to various groups across multiple platforms, I’m the right candidate for you.

How I can help Algopix users?

As an eCommerce businessman, you know how to source products and run your store. However, an expert like myself is needed to form a connection with your clientele. With my experience, I can reach the distinct markets that each social media platform provides, and form a positive, personalized connection with each of them. This will lead to customers that are happy to support your brand. Customers that feel a genuine connection to a brand are more likely to become recurring customers, and will be happy to do so.