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PayLessHere 13 Gallon 50 L Trash Can with Lid Plastic Kitchen Trash Bin Automatic Touch Free Motion Sensor Trash Can (1, Pink)

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Product Information

  • Space -Saving Design : Space-saving trash cans are designed to occupy minimal floor space, making them ideal for small apartments, kitchens, or offices where space is limited.The compact size of space-saving trash cans offers versatility in placement, allowing users to place them under desks, inside cabinets, or in narrow spaces, maximizing flexibility in layout and design.
  • High Quality Materials : The 13 Gallon trash can crafted from PP materials.Constructed from robust PP materials ,exhibits exceptional durability,ensuring prolonged usage without degradation of damage.
  • Easy To Clean : Trash can that is easy to clean require minimal effort to maintain cleanliness, allowing users to quickly and efficiently remove dirt, spills, and odors without the need for specialized cleaning products.Easy to clean trash cans are more likely to retain their structural integrity and appearance over time, resulting in long-term durability and functionality.
  • Touch Free Motion Sensor :Touch Free trash cans allow users to customize sensor sensitivity and lid opening duration, providing flexibility to adjust settings according to personal preferences or specific usage requirements.The motion sensor feature facilitates efficient waste management by automatically opening the trash can lid when it detects motion, streamlining the disposal process and minimizing the risk of spills or overflow.
  • Versatility and Multi-Functional : The versatility of this trash can allows it to seamlessly integrate into diverse environments, from kitchens and offices to outdoor spaces, catering to different needs and preferences.This trash can serves multiple purposes beyond waste disposal, such as recycling, composting, or storage, offering users a range of options to manage their waste efficiently.

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