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AVALUTION Potting Soil Mix - 9QT Soil for Indoor Plants, All Natural and Organic Plant Soil for Seed Starting, Loose and Breathable Garden Soil for Spices, Herbs & Vegetables

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Product Information

  • 🌱[Five High-Quality Ingredients]: A premium potting mix comprises a balanced blend of organic and inorganic materials. The components include 55% coconut coir fiber, 12% peat moss, 11% perlite, 11% vermiculite, and 11% rice hull charcoal. The scientifically balanced nutrition caters to the unique requirements of different plant types, promoting optimal plant growth.
  • 💨[Aeration and Drainage]: The addition of perlite and vermiculite enhances aeration and drainage, ensuring a well-ventilated potting mix that allows plant roots to access sufficient oxygen. With excellent drainage capabilities, it prevents waterlogging, reducing the risk of root rot. Effective drainage allows excess water to escape, maintaining an ideal moisture level crucial for healthy root development.
  • 🚿[Water Retention]: While promoting good drainage, the potting soil also retains ample moisture, keeping plants hydrated between watering sessions. This is particularly important in dry or hot climates, assisting plants in surviving dry periods and reducing the frequency of watering.
  • 🌐[lightweight]: Potting soil creates a clean environment for potted plants. The lightweight nature of the potting soil makes it easy to handle in containers and pots, especially crucial for large or hanging planters.
  • 🌸[Suitable for Various Plant Types】: Potting soil is a versatile growing medium suitable for a wide variety of plants, both indoors and outdoors. Flowering Plants, Herbs, Vegetables(Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce), Indoor Houseplants, Succulents and Cacti, Ferns, Orchids and so on. Ideal for DIY gardening, potted orchids, succulents, vegetables, and more, it caters to the diverse needs of gardeners, and indoor plant lovers.

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