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Product Description

Dolomite lime is a versatile and highly sought-after plant fertilizer that has become a staple for gardeners and agricultural enthusiasts. 


Dolomite Lime: Transform Your Garden with Nature's Nutrient Booster


Dolomite lime is a natural soil amendment derived from crushed limestone rock. It is prized for its ability to enhance soil quality and promote robust plant growth. 


- Neutralizing pH: One of the primary benefits of dolomite lime is its ability to neutralize soil acidity. It raises the pH level of acidic soils, making them more alkaline, which is essential for the healthy growth of many plants.

- Source: Dolomite lime is obtained by crushing and grinding dolomite rocks



- Soil pH Adjustment: It gradually elevates pH levels, providing a balanced environment for plants to thrive.

- Magnesium and Calcium Supply: It serves as an excellent source of magnesium and calcium, two essential nutrients that plants require for various biological processes.

- Nutrient Absorption: By improving soil structure, dolomite lime enhances nutrient uptake by plants



- Enhanced Plant Growth: Dolomite lime promotes healthier and more vigorous plant growth

- Improved Soil Structure: It helps improve soil structure, making it looser and more friable, which enhances root development and aeration.

- Environmentally Friendly: Dolomite lime is a natural and eco-friendly solution for soil improvement.


Application Methods:


- Spread it Evenly: Dolomite lime should be evenly distributed over the soil surface. A broadcast spreader or hand application is commonly used.

- Incorporate into Soil: For deeper treatment, you can incorporate dolomite lime into the soil using a garden tiller.

Product Information

  • AGRICULTURAL SOIL AMENDMENT-Dolomite lime powder is frequently used in agriculture to neutralize acidic soils. This garden lime is natural mineral fertilizer listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic creation. It provides calcium and magnesium, essential nutrients for plant growth, and raises the soil's pH level, making it more suitable for a wide range of crops.
  • FERTILIZER INGREDIENT-First Saturday lime is often incorporated into fertilizers as a source of magnesium powder. These nutrients are vital for healthy plant development and can prevent nutrient deficiencies in crops. Garden lime sweetens your soil to improve plant progression and maximize fertilizer implementation.
  • RAISE SOIL PH- If your soil pH is too low, plants are unable to absorb nutrients effectively, Dolomite Lime for soil stabilizes and raises the pH level of your soil and act as an organic fertilizer for your garden. Saturday lime prevents and cures Blossom End Rot in tomatoes and Peppers.
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: USA – E & Lay Professional Nutrients fertilizers and soil amendments are synthesized in the USA from the highest quality ingredients. We are devoted to developing Premium Grade custom soil amendment blends, fertilizers, and nutrients for your organic garden. Buy with assurance!
  • RESEALABLE, EASY POUR PACKAGING: Dolomitic Lime is professionally packaged in Heavy Duty resealable pouch with 5 sizes as 1lb bag, 2lb bag, 3lb bag, 4lb bag, and 5lb bag designed for long term storage. Dispense the required amount with affluence and hoard the rest for upcoming usage.

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