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AUZHU - SCS - Metric - Stainless Steel Split Shaft Collars Fixing rings Set collars Quick release locating rings Stop rings Throat clamps Snap ring Clamping elements Size: ID 14 mm - OD 30 mm

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Product Description

About this product:
* This collar is available in aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel. The product model of stainless steel is SCS; the product model of aluminum alloy is SCT; the product model of steel is SCR. Each material is also available in multiple sizes, and it is recommended to choose the appropriate material and size according to the usage scenario.
* Aluminum alloy material has good electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and weldability, light weight, and can be used as a structural material. The steel material has high rigidity, high strength, high toughness and excellent heat resistance, can be welded, uniform in material and high structural reliability. Stainless steel material has excellent rust resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, high hardness, safety and environmental protection, and can be adapted to high humidity environments, navigation and aviation fields or food processing industries.
* Scope of application: This shaft collars is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is strong, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It can be widely used in standard parts of precision equipment such as factory automation, MRO, manufacturing and processing, electronic and electrical equipment, ships, military aviation, decorative hardware, industrial manufacturing, plastic molds, etc.
* We are a factory, if you need more special hardware parts, we can provide customized processing services. We can customize the style and size you need according to the customer's drawings or requirements, and welcome your letters.

Product Information

  • SCS is the model number for this product. The dimensions you choose are: shaft collar with a bore diameter D of 14 mm; outer diameter E of 30 mm; width B of 11 mm. Different capital letters are used in the product drawings to represent the dimensions of the various detail positions on the product. The specific dimensional data can be found under the corresponding letters in the specification sheet, and several sizes are available.
  • [Material of the shaft collar: 304 stainless steel]; [Surface treatment of the shaft collar: stainless steel brushed (#4 Satin)]; [Material of the fastening screw: stainless steel]; [Surface treatment of the fastening screw: stainless steel brushed (#3 Satin) ]
  • Each shaft collar is equipped with two fastening screws. The inner slot of the screw is hexagonal and it is recommended to use an Allen wrench to turn the screw. The advantage of this shaft collar is that the locking effect can be adjusted by turning the screw, so this shaft collar can also have good locking ability when locking a shaft with tolerances or when the surface of the shaft is not flat.
  • Feature · Post assembly installation and removal are possible, making for easy maintenance. Shaft damage from tightening can be avoided. Rings, set collars and shaft collars can be used in multiple ways in machine and fixture fabrication. They secure shafts and axles, act as a positive stop or as an attachment option for additional function elements.
  • Warm reminder: the data on this page are in metric millimetres. As the sizes are measured manually, there may be a slight error, but the error will be less than ±0.5 mm, please understand.

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