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Mini Regional Wildflower Seed Shaker - Midwest Wildflower Seed Mix by GevaGrow - 80,000+ Seeds of Native & Adapted Annual & Perennial Wildflower Seeds for Planting Gardens or Public

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Product Description

Introducing our exceptional Midwest Seed Mixture, meticulously crafted to bring breathtaking beauty to ornamental landscapes in the Midwestern United States and south central Canada. This expansive region encompasses Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, eastern Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, eastern Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin, and the southern halves of Manitoba and Ontario. Prepare to be dazzled by an array of vibrant flowers that will grace your surroundings with color throughout the entire growing season. What sets our Midwest Seed Mixture apart is its thoughtful combination of both native and adapted non-native species, carefully selected to thrive in this specific region. By incorporating these varieties, we ensure a diverse and resilient blend that captures the essence of the Midwest's natural beauty.

Product Information

  • Introducing Gevagrow Wildflower Seed Shakers - the perfect solution for easy, on-the-go wildflower planting. With our convenient seed shakers, you can effortlessly transform any space into a vibrant and colorful wildflower haven.
  • Why should you choose Gevagrow? First and foremost, our seed shakers are designed for convenience. Simply shake and sow - it's that easy! No need for complicated tools or equipment. Whether you're a gardening enthusiast or a beginner, our seed shakers make planting wildflowers a breeze.
  • Not only are our seed shakers easy to use, but they are also packed with high-quality wildflower seeds. We have carefully curated a blend of native and adapted non-native species, ensuring a stunning display of blooms throughout the seasons. From dazzling colors to enchanting fragrances, our wildflowers will create a breathtaking landscape wherever you go.
  • Furthermore, our seed shakers are designed to be portable and mess-free. You can take them with you on hikes, camping trips, or simply keep them handy in your car. Whenever you stumble upon a patch of land in need of some natural beauty, just grab your seed shaker and let the wildflowers flourish.
  • So why wait? Experience the joy of effortless wildflower planting with Gevagrow Wildflower Seed Shakers. Enhance your surroundings with a burst of vibrant colors, attract pollinators, and contribute to the preservation of native plant species. Get ready to sow and watch the magic unfold with Gevagrow!
  • Preferred Planting Time: Early Spring, Late Summer & Fall

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