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Mssoomm C5 Ground Double Nut Ballscrew 20mm DFU2005 RM2005 Length 520mm + Ball Screw Nut+ BK/BF15 Bearing Block End Supports+ Coupler+ Nut Housing+ Motor Bracket for Nema 34 Stepper Motor

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Product Description

Brand: Mssoomm
Manufacturing Process: Grinding
Precision: C5 Grade Ground, C7 grade is also available, please message us
Material: SCM415 (Chrome Molybdenum Alloy Steel)
Model: DFU2005
This item includes:
1pcs C5 ground Ball Screw DFU2005 RM2005 20mm Length 520mm (with standard end machining for BK/BF15)
1pcs Double Ballscrew Nut
1Pcs BK15/BF15 End Supports, and Motor Bracket for Nema 34 Stepper motor which integrated with BK with locknuts and circlips( The bearings in the BK bearing block support are the angular contact bearings, with higher quality )
1Pcs Flexible Coupler ( The bore diameter of the coupler which matches the motor shaft is 14mm

Customizable Processing and Technical Support:
1. We can provide any length that you want.
2. If you need end machining according to your drawings, please tell us

Introduction and Application:
Double ball nut designs produce preload in one of two ways: through tension between two single nuts, or through an offset in the lead of a single nut.
1. The first method uses a spring or a spacer to create tension between two nuts that are mechanically coupled.
During machining of the ball nut raceways, an offset is created in the lead, approximately halfway down the length of the nut body. This lead offset creates preload within the ball nut.
Because there are no spacers or springs required, the lead offset method is more compact than a double nut design, but it reduces load capacity. With greater complexity and higher cost, double nut designs are typically used when high preload (7 percent or greater) is required.

Product Information

  • Accuracy grade: C5 ground Precision; Ball screw diameter: 20mm; Lead / Pitch: 5mm; Total length: 520mm; Double Nut + BK15 integrate with Motor Bracket for Stepper motor Nema 34 /BF15 End supports with locknuts and circlips + Flexible Coupling + Nut Housing.
  • The product can ensure motor shaft, coupling axial, axial bearing hole, and screw axis all in a line strictly, to make the transmission system run more accurately and sturdily, less noise and longer wear life
  • Double Nut Ball Screw assembles two inner-circulate nuts together, therefore reduces the backlash of ball screw. The stability is then enhanced and the accuracy is up to 5. This design is especially good for CNC machine centers
  • No stick-slip effect, low friction, low operation noise, heats up less, reduce driving power required, and make service life longer
  • Double nut ball screw model includes DFU1604, DFU1605, DFU2005, DFU2505, DFU2510, DFU3205, DFU3210, DFU4005, DFU4010, DFU5010, DFU6310, DFU8010; Ball screw nut, nut   housing, coupling, ball screw support BK, BF, EK, EF, FK, FF and end machining service are available, please let us know

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