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Frosted Glass Pantry Door - Lenora (Element) - 1D Negative Frosted - Traditional - 24" x 96" - Knob on Right - Push Open - Oak 

Frosted Glass Pantry Door - Lenora (Element) - 1D Negative Frosted - Traditional - 24

Frosted Glass Pantry Door - Lenora (Element) - 1D Negative Frosted - Traditional - 24" x 96" - Knob on Right - Push Open - Oak 


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  • HAND CRAFTED, DECORATIVE FROSTED ART GLASS- No ordinary frosted glass door, this door features hand crafted, sandblast etched and carved decorative art glass, created by the skilled artisans of Sans Soucie Art Glass.
  • ORIGINAL WORKS OF ART- Not clip art or machine generated, each of our designs is a uniquely created, original work of art, custom designed and created for our distinguished clientele of homeowners and commercial developers.
  • MASTER CRAFTSMEN in the art of frosted and sand carved glass, Sans Soucie Art Glass has set the global industry standard in both execution and design since 1976.
  • ABOUT THE GLASS- Glass Privacy: Semi-Private. All glass is tempered for safety.
  • PRIVACY AND LIGHT- Sandblast etching and carving obscures the glass, creating the privacy you need without sacrificing light!
  • ABOUT THE DOOR- All doors are SOLID (not hollow), "unfinished", ready for paint or stain. Wood Doors are solid core veneer. The huge advantage of a veneer door is that unlike a solid wood door, it has a much better resistance against WARPING. The engineered core combines resin and varying grain patterns that move in "self-cancelling" directions to stabilize the wood. Not only do the glues and resins repel moisture, they also reduce movement, and thereby prevent warping.
  • SPECS- Single Interior Prehung Door 24" (2/0) x 96" (8/0). 1-3/8" Thick Oak Door. 1/8 in Reg Clear Temp Seamed Edges (1) Glass.
  • WHAT YOU'RE GETTING- See info. sheet inside product images.
  • CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER- With limitless design and effect combinations, all glass and doors are custom made to order.

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Sans Soucie Art Glass
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Sans Soucie Art Glass
Sans Soucie Art Glass

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25.5 in.
4.56 in.
97.25 in.
933.92 oz.

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