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Water Activated Flood Barriers for Home Door, Sandless Sand Bags for Anti Flood Control, Alternative Sandbag for Rain Protection, Absorbent Prevention for Garage & Basement

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Product Description

The water garage flood barrier comes with 2 packs 5ft long. The flood barriers for doors is used as water for flooding. This flood bags are water activated flood bags, which is flood protection. The sandless sandbags are very convenient to implement compared to sand bags flood protection. The water absorbers for flooding is light and easy to store. The quick flood barrier can be full functional in 5 minutes! The water barrier outdoor will block the water effectively and anti flood barrier can be dried out and re-actived as well. Usually, the flooding barrier for door can be re-actived for 10 times. But the flood door barriers for home can keep the activated status for 3-4 months, so the lifetime span for water activated flood bags is wide enough. The hydra barriers for flooding is a must for home security. The sand tubes for flood control will keep home safe under flood season. The residential flood barriers will keep the basement, driveway, garden, kitchen and all places from flood. It's a must garage door flood barrier.

(1) LIGHT! The reusable flooding prevention is less than 1lb, and can be expanded to 5ft.
(2) QUICK! The water dams for flooding prevention can be activated in 5mins! The quick response water control barrier will be fully funcional really quick.
(3) EASY TO STORE! The water gate dam can be folded and packed in a book size.
(4) LONG-LASTING! The sandbag alternatives for flooding can stay effective for 3-4 months and the basement flood stopper can be reactived around 10 times.
(5) MUST FOR HOME! The water diverter for driveway is a must tool for flood area, keep some flood barrier for basement home for security.

2 Packs of 5ft flood bags and barriers reusable

Product Information

  • 🌊【HANDY】The flood barriers are convenient to store in non-raining seasons, with less than 1lb weight. The water activated flood barrier can be installed easily even for a kid. The flood water barrier is water activated flood bags. The flooding barrier can be folded into a small size, while the flood barriers for home reusable absorbs water, the water barriers for flooding become fully functional and help the flood protection.
  • 🌊【SUPER FAST】In just 5 mins! The water barriers for flooding outdoor will be fully water activated to 5 inches. The home flood barrier is a great replacement for sandbags, as the flood control barrier can block the water and is easier to implement. The water barriers for flood control take advantage of the water and the water absorbent flood barrier protects the home in a safe way but is lighter and easier than a sandbag flood door barrier.
  • 🌊【REUSABLE】With our strict test, the flood prevention barriers can be used for years to come. The hydra barriers for flooding can maintain the activated status for 3-4 months each time. flood barriers for home door can be used repeatedly. The flood barriers for garage can also be dried out for next time usage, the flood control may need up to half a month to dry out. But the lifetime water activated counts for flood water bags is usually around 10 times.
  • 🌊【MUST FOR HOME】The hydrobarrier is a must tool for the home. These garage water barriers for flooding can be effective for preventing floods, leaks, drips, and more! The reusable flood barrier can be used for the basement, driveway, garden, kitchen, and anywhere water overflow happens. The doorway flood barrier is ecofriendly, so the pop up flood barrier can be kept home and will not harm family members or pets. The quick bank sandless flood barriers protect the home during raining season.
  • 🌊【SUPPORT】We stand behind the product! We provide 24h service for the residential flood barriers. If any problem happens, we are here to assist: 1, We reply to any messages in 24h for sandless flood barrier even on holidays. 2, We offer free replacements for water barriers for flooding reusable if anything occurs during usage; 3, We issue a full refund even after 30 days for flood wall barrier if feel unsatisfied. We provide full support service for door flood barrier.


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