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Newbaum’s Cotton Cloth Tape, 30 ft Roll (Grip Tape for Lyra Hoop, Trapeze Bar, and Bike Handlebars)

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Product Description

Newbaum’s Milled Cotton Cloth Bar Tape (30 ft): Newbaum’s is great for taping lyras and aerial equipment! Newbaum's Cotton Cloth Tape is designed to handle sweaty hands as well as withstand friction from hand movements. These qualities also make it more durable than most other athletic wrap tapes. Its durability along with the fact that it folds well while taping and does not stick to itself makes it easier and worthwhile to tape multi-color patterns. Newbaum's black cloth tape is slightly thicker than athletic tapes & wraps, making it more cushioned and comfortable on the apparatus. The thickness also contributes to Newbaum's Milled Cotton Cloth Tape's durability meaning it will need replacing less frequently than most other tapes. It also means you don't need to overlap the tape as much when applying it to your apparatus. --- This 30 ft roll of hoop grip tape was created for more convenient wrapping of aerial hoops, trapeze bars, and apparatuses. 10 ft rolls are also available. ---General Guidance: - 37” and 39” Lyra: 2 - 30’ rolls - 41” and 43” Lyra: 2 - 30’ rolls, 1-10’ roll - Drop Handlebar: 2 – 10’ rolls.

Product Information

  • Cotton Twill Ribbon is Different from Cotton-Backed Athletic Tape: Newbaum’s aerial grip tape is a twill weave ribbon that is thicker and more tear-resistant than sports tape. Our cotton cloth tape requires less overlapping and allows for longer periods between re-wrappings. Offers grip without tackiness.
  • Easy to Wrap & Install: Newbaum’s Cotton Cloth Tape has an adhesive back that is easy to wrap and stays on securely but is not so tacky that it gets hopelessly stuck to itself. The slim diameter and cotton weave means you can pull a little harder to get the black grip tape to conform to your equipment and to avoid bumps and wrinkles.
  • 30 ft x ¾” Roll: This is a longer roll than our bike handlebar tape product. Generally two rolls of our lyra grip tape are more than long enough to wrap a 39” diameter aerial hoop. People who prefer more overlap may need to pick up an additional 10 ft roll. For those who prefer minimal overlap, two rolls can take care of a 43” diameter hoop.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: At Newbaum’s, we believe in using eco-friendly dyes for a lower impact on the environment. Of course, cotton is a renewable resource, more sustainable than petroleum-based foam and polyurethane used in other fitness equipment wraps.
  • Made in the USA: Our sport grip tape is made of milled cotton in the USA. Support local economies when you purchase our trapeze and Lyra tape!

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