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mitreapel Silicone Mold Release Spray (14.4 oz) Release Agent Aerosol Spray

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Product Description

Makes Removal Easier

Using rubber mold release allows you to easily remove your projects from your silicone and rubber molds.
When you use our epoxy mold release, you will have no more pieces getting stuck and destroying your molds.

Easy Spray Application

Our releasing agent is easily applied through the use of an aerosol spray. Simply ensure your molds are
clean and dry, then coat them with silicone mold release spray before pouring your material. Great for use
silicone, rubber, and metal molds, it will prevent sticking, so your projects turn out great every time.
With the special dispenser on our mold release spray, you’ll make less consumption while still getting great results.

Gentle On Molds

No longer will you need to worry about your molds being ruined by your projects. This mold release spray
allows you to be gentle with your molds. When you use the rubber mold release, you will be
releasing your projects easily without risk of ripping or tearing the molds.
Additionally, our releasing agent is excellent for use when releasing rubber and plastic items from metal molds.

No Residue

When your project is finished drying, there will be no sticky or oily residue left behind for you to clean
up. Our silicone mold release spray prevents the bonding of materials without making a mess.


This epoxy mold release can be used for several different things. The mold release for silicone molds is
formulated to be used in rubber and silicone molds to make casts and models. Additionally, the
candle mold release spray can be used to provide easy release of resin, epoxy, and other projects from your molds.

Product Information

  • Perfect For Many Projects - Mold release spray is an excellent choice for almost any project that involves molding material. This spray is easy to use, features high quality ingredients, & leaves you with a great product and intact molds.
  • High Silicone Content - The high level of silicone in our epoxy mold release ensures that your epoxy project doesn’t stick to your silicone molds. Release will be easy thanks to our rubber mold release spray.
  • Specially Formulated - Made just for use with silicone and rubber molds, our mold release spray is the perfect addition to your craft room or toolshed. The specialized formula ensures that your projects come out just as you want them to!
  • Increase Lifespan Of Molds - Use this mold release agent to prevent rips and tears. Silicone molds tend to be fragile when used for molding projects. Using our mold release spray when creating projects can help to extend the life of your molds.
  • Easy To Apply - Our aerosol spray applicator makes using the releasing agent a breeze. Simply coat the mold in our casting release spray before casting the project. Once it is dry, the mold release allows the finished piece to be easily removed.


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