Algopix’s Product Identification API
provides this essential data when you simply enter any keyword or product description.

After rapidly scanning global eCommerce markets, the product matching algorithm effortlessly identifies the product you are looking for in real time, along with up to an additional 10 similar products.

Using Algopix’s machine-learning product matching, these products from across the globe are ranked by comparing information such as brand, category, color, price and model.

Your challenge

To stay competitive, successful eCommerce marketplaces must provide a superior user experience. That’s why it’s essential to have the ability to rapidly consolidate and present similar products at once so that customers can easily browse through your marketplace catalog.

Our solution

With the advanced analysis of Product Identification, your customers get a complete view of similar products, allowing for a better user experience.

Here’s How You Benefit

Algopix’s Product Identification provides the competitive edge you need in order for your eCommerce marketplace to shine. With its advanced analysis, you can:

Discover how you compare to your competitors

In just a few clicks, you receive a complete summary of how similar products are being sold on various marketplaces.

Find out essential product information and attributes

By simply entering a keyword or product description, you can view product images and metadata, which can help you better describe your merchandise.

Better position your product among similar ones

You get a full picture of how comparable products are being marketed and priced, so that you can learn the best way to offer yours.

Receive real-time data across numerous global eCommerce markets

Algopix gathers up-to-the-minute information from markets all over the world, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more.

Increase your conversions

By benchmarking your products with Algopix’s Product Identification, you can boost your sales by presenting your products in the best possible way, with the most optimized price.

Provide a superior user experience

By presenting similar products, your customers can easily browse your marketplace’s catalog.

See it in Action

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