One of the most important functions for marketplace performance, product grouping is also one of the most common challenges faced by marketplace operators. It's an essential requirement for accurately organizing and displaying products, including the basic info such as product title. It is also crucial for users to find the right product they're searching for and to find similar products. While accurate ecommerce product categorization is necessary for a marketplace to operate efficiently and effectively, conclusion it's not necessarily easy to do. Sophisticated technology is required. No matter how large or small the marketplace is, its capability to accurately categorize products is key.

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The Challenge

Most marketplaces receive product data from different sources and suppliers. This means they have inconsistent and different product information. How can a marketplace know if 4 different product titles actually describe the same product? What if one product is listed according to 2 different global identifiers, ex. UPC, EAN. JAN, etc.? The ability to properly group products Is a basic necessity to operating a well-organized, efficient marketplace.

The Solution

We group products according to all the relevant global Identifiers, so no matter which product Identifier label is submitted or how the title is described, products are correctly grouped together. What does this look like?

For example, you may receive these 4 different product descriptions, 0 74101 02671 9,0074101 02671,X Series Fujifilm X-T10, Fujifilm X-T10 Silver Mirrorless Digital Camera

Our solution groups these products together, Identifying them as one single product. Properly grouped products in ecommerce is crucial - for proper organization and ease of search. So, whether products are_ submitted according to EAN, UPC, JAN, or with an abbreviated title, they are correctly identified and grouped together.

This allows not only for more accurate searching by the user, but also for better search results, since all similar products are grouped together and offered as suggestions.


Product grouping is the foundation for a well-functioning marketplace. Accurate, methodological product grouping leads to a marketplace that's organized, reliable, and easy to use. It allows the marketplace to be searchable and precise - it provides a better user experience, where users can avoid the frustration of irrelevant or confusing results. If the most basic information, such as product title. Is not accurate, then it's very difficult for a user to find the product they want. At its basis, comprehensive and correct product grouping makes It easier for a user to shop.