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Remaining competitive as an online seller means knowing what's in demand. Unfortunately, because market trends are constantly shifting, it's often difficult to keep up — particularly if you sell internationally. Without the right data, you'll waste time and money sourcing bad inventory.

Here’s how Algopix for Online Sellers can help:

Know your categories

View the best-selling products across multiple channels in each category. Identify the most promising sales opportunities.

A better sales experience

Our product matching algorithm rapidly identifies products based on multiple characteristics, including title, brand, and description. It makes things easier not just for you, but for your buyers.

Understand your catalog

Receive comprehensive product data via product identifiers. Build out your inventory and optimize your storefront for better sales.

Evaluate the competition

Discover high-profile sellers and best-selling products. Identify potential gaps, niches, and opportunities.

Simplify price management

Track pricing, promotions, and sales on channels all over the globe. Know when a product isn't selling well, and determine why.

The market for online sellers is extremely competitive. Algopix gives you everything you need to gain a competitive edge.
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