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Algopix for Online Sellers provides you with superior eCommerce product research data. By using Algopix’s innovative seller tools, you can quickly and easily find out which products to offer, understand your competition, increase your profits and improve conversion rates.

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To stay competitive, successful online sellers must offer in-demand products that will yield profits. But market trends are constantly shifting, and what might sell well in one part of the world may not do well in another. Without the right data to source your inventory, you waste time and money on the wrong products.

With Algopix for Marketplaces, you benefit from key features including:

Category Research

Enter a category to receive a list of all of the best-selling products within different channels.

Product Identification

Enter a title, brand or description, and the product matching algorithm rapidly identifies the product you are looking for.

Product Enhancement

Choose a product identifier to retrieve comprehensive product data.


Discover the high-profile sellers who offer best-selling products.

Product Analysis and Promotions

Track product pricing and promotions in channels across the globe.

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