What is the Algopix Inventory Exchange?

Every day, we’re in contact with sellers like you who have access to large inventories, and are successful offering them to local markets and specific channels. However, you also know there’s a whole world of untapped opportunities to sell these products in other countries and via other channels, only you don’t actively sell there.

That’s why we created the Algopix Inventory Exchange: to provide our community of thousands of eCommerce sellers around the world with a forum where members can buy and sell great deals on inventory and overstock items.

As an Algopix user, you already have access to the perfect platform with which to evaluate the profitability of the items on offer in the markets that you sell in and make smart purchasing decisions.

Sell Inventory

The Algopix Inventory Exchange lets you offer great inventory deals and overstock items to thousands of sellers in different countries and on different marketplaces. It’s a great place to sell:

  • Wholesale items, which you’ve gotten at great deals from your suppliers or special arbitrage deals
  • Overstock merchandise
  • Your current inventory in bulk
  • Liquidate inventories

Make an Offer

Click here if you have inventory deals that you would like to offer the Algopix community.

Buy Inventory

The Algopix Inventory Exchange provides you with exclusive access to great inventory deals from sellers in different countries and on different marketplaces. It’s a great place to:

  • Buy inventory items at excellent prices
  • Leverage Algopix to find the best items to buy and the best markets to sell them in
  • Access to previously restricted exclusive products
  • Enjoy more offers from the world's leading brands

Receive Offers

Click here to be added to our list to receive great offers from the Algopix Inventory Exchange.

How It Works

If you have a great offer and would like to present it to other sellers via the Algopix Inventory Exchange, click on the Make an Offer button above. We will be in touch to hear about your offer and assess its relevance to the community. For offers that are accepted, sellers will be required to submit an Excel file with a list of items. For each item, the file must include the item identifier (UPC/EAN/ASIN/MPN), the FOB price, item location, availability, and payment terms.

We will send accepted offers to the Algopix community via email. If you are interested in buying the inventory, simply reply to the email. Algopix will make a connection between interested buyers and sellers. We will also ensure that no more than 2 sellers from the same locality are allowed to buy the same SKU, to avoid price wars between community members.

Buyers and sellers will close deals directly with each other.
  1. Algopix will not facilitate the payment or transfer of funds from one party to another.
  2. Algopix is not responsible for the outcome of any transaction negotiated by any party.

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