KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

The key performance indicator, or KPI, is a measure of how well a business is achieving their key business objectives, such as projects, programs, products, and other initiatives. In your business, it is crucial that you identify the right KPIs based on what is most important to the overall health and growth of your business. Setting specific goals will assist you in growing your business successfully and will ensure you remain aware

You can measure and monitor these KPIs by looking at statistics and analytics so you know where your business can develop. KPIs can be for just a marketing campaign or for the business entirely. When you start your business, the initial metrics could be views on your website; however, as your business grows, the main metric could become your revenue. Don’t be surprised if these metrics are mediocre at first, for as you develop your business and closely track your KPIs, they should improve.

eCommerce sellers will benefit from setting specific KPIs to ensure they are receiving the right website traffic, clicks, and interaction between customers and the business in order to increase the prospect for completing successful sales.

There are two main kinds of KPIs: quantitative and qualitative:

Quantitative: Objective facts (most likely numeric) such as website views or revenue. Google Analytics is a great online tool with which to measure progress with quantitative KPIs.

Qualitative: Based on personal feelings or opinions (presented as any numeric or textual value). For example, on Youtube, some key performance objectives include:
– Number of subscribers (measures visitor engagement)
– Number of views (measures popularity)

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