ZonMaster Amazon Seller’s Assistant

Zonmaster is an Amazon management application for sending, management and analyzing of thousands of emails, providing vital data to sellers, such as open/clickthrough rate, shipped orders, reviews and more.


Zonmaster is an Amazon management application that sends, manages and analyzes thousands of emails on behalf of sellers to their customers. It provides sellers with important data such as the number of emails and open/clickthrough rate, orders shipped, reviews. With a main dashboard that displays emails sent, sales graphs, order timelines and more, sellers can know important information about their Amazon customers.

Sophisticated Amazon Management & Tracking Tools

Zonmaster offers sellers valuable data with which sellers can better understand the impact of their business, such as: email open rates, reviews, item orders and ratings rations. Using Zonmaster’s customer content manager, sellers can create emails with personalized templates; schedule their sending, decide on the recipients, find out the open rates and gather reviews for your products. Zonmaster’s dashboard gives you a real-time view of your growing business, including orders shipped, the number of emails you’ve sent to your customers, and email open/clickthrough rates. Sellers can view sales ranging from daily to overall, as well as emails, reviews and orders.

Zonmaster Amazon Seller’s Assistant

Zonmaster supports sellers in multiple Amazon marketplaces around the world, including Amazon profit tracking. It permits FBA delivery tracking, Amazon automated response, allows sellers to track their product shipments, customize email template; track emails automatically and receive Amazon feedback alerts; send out attachments with emails, such as user manuals; order timeline, and obtain reviews.

Zonmaster Product Research & Analysis

Zonmaster users enjoy a comprehensive solution to track their emails, open rates, profit, etc. By using Algopix in addition, you get a powerful research & analysis platform that can enhance productivity much further. With detailed product & competitive analysis and insight, using Algopix’s sophisticated algorithm that integrates many different sales signals to calculate not only demand levels for 16 different Amazon marketplaces, but also estimates the respective sales volume and gross merchandise volume. Because of this data-rich process, Algopix’s output can be regarded as a representative sample of a country’s eCommerce market independent of the marketplace.