Shopkeeper Amazon Dashboard

Shopkeeper Amazon Dashboard

Shopkeeper is a business, profit dashboard for Amazon sellers on multiple Amazon marketplaces. It shows you your sales, expenses and profit. eCommerce sellers can use this app to review data such as daily sales, profit margins, costs of goods and more, in 11 countries. Shopkeeper supports all Amazon marketplaces at no extra cost - you will be able to see your sales and inventory data across all countries, in one place.


Manage Your eCommerce Business

With the proliferation of eCommerce opportunities, so is the need for tools to handle everything related to the online store, be it inventory tracking, inventory forecast, and so forth. Shopkeeper allows you to do all that, whether on desktop or mobile devices. Monthly subscriptions start at $20 (there’s a 14-day free trial) for 250 orders per month, and it includes notifications on new sales, inventories, overview reports and more.

Shopkeeper with Algopix

Profit tracking and inventory forecast are indispensable tools for the fledgling global eCommerce seller. With the advanced product market research & analysis capabilities of Algopix, sellers s can benefit also from detailed analysis of the markets demand, shipping costs, competitor analysis, bulk analysis and more. Knowing product demand level in certain market places beforehand can save a lot of work, and headache, for the seller.

Algopix Daily Reports

Algopix uses numerous data sources to calculate the market demand for a product on 16 different eBay and Amazon marketplaces. In addition, Algopix users get daily reports of the 50 best selling products on Amazon. When you add this report to the information you glean from Shopkeeper, and the product research & analysis of Algopix, sellers are fully equipped to tackle new eCommerce marketplaces.