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Sharp Commerce is an eCommerce consultancy which guides online retailers to succeed. In doing so, Sharp Commerce analyzes the business, customer habits, categories, competition and KPI’s to enable online retailers to go beyond the normal sales website and become a webshop with high conversion rates. The team is composed of experienced eCommerce professionals and is lead by Travis Romine, who has substantial experience in the industry. Within 180 days, the consultancy has provided strategies that boosted average client sales from between 100% to 300%.

What does Sharp Commerce do?

eCommerce consulting is basically getting advice from professionals that have experience in growing online businesses and help retailers achieve their goals. Hence, the consultants help online retailers increase sales and market their products more effectively. At Sharp Commerce, eCommerce consulting is approached in a three-step methodology – Triage, Planning, and Implementation.

  1. Triage: Detailed review of the entire online business. No stone is left unturned. Sharp Commerce will dig into everything from order processing and fulfillment to digital marketing and conversion optimization.
  2. Planning: Careful planning focusing on business needs to drive growth. Instead of prioritizing expensive AdWord campaigns, importance is attributed to initiatives that come at a low cost but high impact.
  3. Implementation: Consequent steps and milestones are clearly defined to ensure the successful realization of the set plans. Companies have the option of pursuing this path on their own or get help from Sharp Commerce along the way.

Digital Marketing for eCommerce

Sharp Commerce provides marketing advice that goes beyond normal advertising and starts with understanding the customer. The team will support companies closely and their experience in eCommerce marketing will ensure that ROI’s are delivered on the marketing campaigns. For Marketing, Sharp Commerce focuses on three aspects.

  1. Google AdWords Management: While customers can concentrate on the business side, Sharp Commerce concentrates on building Google PLA’s, managing feeds, and reducing cost per click.
  2. Social Media: Facebook and Instagram have become important platforms for marketing your online business. With experience in these domains, Sharp Commerce will guide effective advertising through these channels.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: Having a high rank in search results can truly impact success in online businesses. For this reason, content and keywords are optimized to improve SEO and search rankings.

Stone Edge Support

Stone edge is an order management software for multi-channel retailers. Sharp Commerce has substantial knowledge of this system and offers consulting as well as training on Stone Edge. This is important because technology implementation is always a sensitive issue and should be led by professionals. Furthermore, Sharp Commerce are Magento experts and can support successful integration and builds with Stone Edge.

Sharp Commerce eCommerce consulting provides online retailers with hands-on advice to ensure clients increase conversions and sales. The team of eCommerce professionals is dedicated to guiding online businesses to succeed.

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