Rakuten Market Research

Rakuten is one of the leading online marketplaces in Japan and the wider Asian market. Algopix can assist with pricing and procurement models based on trade data from multiple international sources including Amazon and eBay markets. Product insights and market research from Algopix will help you get the most out of selling in the Rakuten marketplace.


Selling on Rakuten with Algopix

To start selling on Rakuten you first have to apply for an account, which takes just a few minutes. Their pricing model supports its sellers with an Account Manager and many other perks that help you grow your eCommerce business in no time. For every item sold, Rakuten charges a per-item fee of $0.99 and claims a commission of 8-15%, depending on the product category. After your approved application, you can start listing and selling your products on Rakuten.

eCommerce Product Research

Algopix’s sophisticated algorithm integrates many different sales signals to calculate not only demand levels for 17 different eBay and Amazon marketplaces, but also to estimate the respective sales volume and gross merchandise volume. Because of this data rich process, Algopix’s output can be regarded as a representative sample of a country’s eCommerce market independent of the marketplace. This allows you to make better product sourcing decision for your Rakuten store and takes care of all the question marks surrounding a new product.

Rakuten Marketplace Fees

Every sale is associated with expenses that sometimes are not obvious. Logistic fees, PayPal fees, or taxes are not limited to eBay or Amazon, but rather affect any online seller like you. Algopix’s detailed expense analysis gives you valuable insights into what you have to pay when selling a product. You can then complement Algopix’s information with Rakuten’s individual fees to calculate your profit margins, allowing you to get a better idea which product to sell at what price and which not to sell.
eBay & Amazon expenses analysis

Rakuten Product Marketing

One of the most challenging tasks as an online seller is driving enough traffic to your product’s page. While Rakuten helps you in a great way by offering you their marketplace and its customers, those customers still need to find their way to you. This can happen either through driving on-site traffic to your product listings or off-site traffic from outside of Rakuten to your listings. Rakuten gives you the opportunity to promote your products on the website and in their promotional emails through their Merchandising Placement feature.

Finding the right search phrase and not overpaying on it requires search effort and time. Algopix’s Google AdWords Insights can reduce both dramatically by offering a recommended search phrase and additional information such as numbers of the cost-per-click, estimated cost-per-acquisition, and bidding competition. Algopix’s easy-to-read interface allows you to gain valuable insights in no time and increase sales.

Sourcing one product at a time won’t do it for most online sellers. Usually, there are lists with hundreds of products and you quickly need to decide which product is worth selling and which products are not. With Algopix’s bulk analysis feature, those lists will turn into valuable information in no time. You can upload a CSV file containing up to 200 products, making product sourcing a matter of a few minutes.

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