Kevy eCommerce Marketing Platform

Kevy is a marketing automation platform designed to help online retailers increase revenue by personalizing the online shopping experience. Algopix’s product insights paired with Kevy’s personalization tools will help you target your key markets with the right price and the right placement on Amazon, eBay, and other markets.


Kevy eCommerce marketing platform

Founded in 2012, Kevy helps customers grow their sales through its marketing platform for eCommerce sellers. Online marketing is a crucial part of eCommerce because it is the number one way people find your products, buy them, and the best way for you to make one-time visitors loyal customers. Nevertheless, online marketing is not as easy as people often think. Sure, setting up discounts and writing generic emails is not difficult, but it won’t bring happy, loyal customers. On the contrary, almost 75% of online shoppers dislike content, such as offers or promotions, that don’t correspond with their interests. While personalization will increase sales and your business performance, less than 25% of the companies take advantage of it. The number one reason stated by 49% of marketers for why they don’t use it (fully) is limited or no time or budget.

Kevy beliefs that every eCommerce business should have the necessary tools to personalize its marketing efforts (independent of time or budget) which is why they provide a personalized eCommerce marketing automation.

Marketing Automation for eCommerce

Online marketing is diverse and ranges from Social Media marketing, email marketing, to discounts and ads. Kevy’s feature list tries to represent this diversity and consists of the most important marketing tools for eCommerce businesses. They offer on-site marketing features such as personalized pop-ups, targeted discounts, and abandoned cart recovery and retention. This can be the point where the customer makes his decision for in eCommerce,on average almost 70% of online buyers don’t finish the check-out process. You also have features designed for email marketing like single-use coupons, autoresponders, and the option to create email series based on user actions. Additionally, you will be provided with reports in order to track your marketing performances.

Algopix Product Market Research and Kevy eCommerce marketing

Kevy’s eCommerce marketing automation allows for meticulous customer segmentation and behaviour tracking which enables you to set up personalized marketing campaigns that will help you make loyal customers and win back old ones. Ultimately, this will be reflected in higher conversion rates, increased sales, and increased revenue.

With Kevy taking care of anything marketing related, you still need to know which product’s to sell. While smart marketing practices enable you to increase sales for any product, the costs are not always proportional to the sales increase generated, especially for low demand products or products with high competition. Algopix provides you with exactly these in-depth insights into a product’s market on Amazon’s and eBay’s marketplaces. Detailed information on a product’s demand and competition level as well as cost breakdown allows you to get the full picture of the market you’re selling on and lays the foundation for educated business decisions. With the right product sourcing decisions, Kevy for Amazon and eBay will then streamline your marketing efforts to reach higher sales.

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