DHL eCommerce Shipping

Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn, or more commonly known as DHL was established by its founders in 1969. DHL is the world’s leading logistics company present in over 220 countries and territories worldwide. Over the years they have developed into the world’s leading mail and logistics group. DHL provides express deliveries worldwide whether it be freight forwarding with planes, trucks, ships and trains, warehousing services including packaging, repairs, international mail deliveries and customized shipping solutions. No matter what logistics services you need, DHL has a solution.


DHL ecommerce

DHL global eCommerce is committed to providing innovative eCommerce shipping solutions to make a great online shopping experience for both sellers and consumers. DHL provides standard domestic and international pick-up, delivery and returns services for their customers. Additionally, they provide eCommerce shipping logistics and fulfillment services within certain markets including the Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. DHL eCommerce is headquartered in Bonn, Germany with regional offices across the world. Their vision is to become the leader in Global eCommerce shipping. They do this by focusing on three main areas; cross-border delivery, domestic delivery, and fulfillment. They take pride in connecting customers with their global fulfillment network.

DHL eCommerce Fulfillment

One of DHL eCommerce biggest features is their inventory management and order fulfillment services. DHL has a connection to warehouses all over the world, closing the gap between what you have (products) and what your customers need. DHLs shared use warehouse facilities provide customers with the highest quality eCommerce order fulfillment at an affordable price. DHL eCommerce customers are provided an Integration toolkit with access to more than 80 marketplaces and platforms worldwide. One of the largest marketplaces DHL has connections to is Amazon. DHL Amazon FBA has made global eCommerce extremely easy for Amazon sellers. Being connected to Amazon FBA has improved efficiency for Amazon sellers by allowing them to more quickly adapt to customer demands. DHL will analyze every aspect of your supply chain needs and come up with the ideal solution for your business, whether you are shipping domestically or internationally. Additionally, DHL provides their customers the ability to track and manage packages in real time from the time they process their order, to the time the product arrives on your doorstep.


Being that DHL provides so many different solutions for their clients to ship their products to their customers, pricing varies. DHL eCommerce pricing varies depending on if you are shipping domestically or internationally, how many products you are shipping, how frequently you ship products and the type of products. In order to get an idea of how much it will cost to ship your eCommerce products, you should request a quote from a DHL sales representative.

Estimating Shipping Costs with Algopix

Analyzing shipping costs requires extensive research that occupies a great deal of your time. Algopix, an automated product market research tool provides a solution to this time-consuming task. Simply enter a product identifier into the Algopix system, and within a matter of moments, you will be able to analyze all expenses associated with selling your product, including shipping costs (based on the products dimensions). While Algopix shipping fees represent USPS rates, this information is still valuable to sellers utilizing DHL eCommerce shipping. Algopix users can use this information to compare and contrast shipping costs allowing them to find the cheapest, most cost-effective alternatives. Using this information, combined with the rest of Algopix expense insights, sellers can develop a pricing strategy that provides the biggest profit margin.

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