Algopix’s Catalog Research API
Makes it easy to set up, sort and publish your catalog. By entering a category, you can quickly receive a list of all the products listed in the category among it essential data such as title, image, price and identifier.

Your challenge

Catalog management is crucial for eCommerce marketplaces, because having organized and optimized product data can greatly help customers make the right buying decisions. But effective catalog management and creation for online marketplaces can be complicated.

Our solution

With Algopix’s Catalog Research API, you can unlock the power of catalog data. With Catalog Research, you can rapidly generate a product catalog that can be effortlessly listed, indexed and searched. You don’t need to bother with the hassle of sorting your products manually, and you can easily maintain the quality of how your product data is organized.

Here’s How You Benefit

Algopix’s Catalog Research makes it easy for you to list your products and attract web traffic to your eCommerce marketplace. Using Catalog Research, you can:

Rapidly generate a catalog

When you enter any category, Catalog Research quickly builds your catalog with relevant products while also sorting by rank. It provides you with a complete organized catalog in seconds.

Easily list your products

No need to spend time manually sorting and preparing your catalog. Your newly-generated catalog is fully optimized so that it’s ready to be listed on your marketplace.

Increase your conversions

Your catalog helps your customers discover your products. Your catalog merchandise is indexed on Google, allowing your customers to easily find your products, get information and purchase them.

Identify valuable product data

Your product catalog includes essential information customers depend on such as title, identifier and price.

Improve your user experience

You get a full picture of how comparable products are being marketed and priced, so that you can learn the best way to offer yours.

See it in Action

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