Take a Good Look at
Your Online Competition

With Algopix’s powerful Store Analysis feature, you can receive essential insights about any online store’s most popular products.

Did you ever wish for the ability to peek inside your competitors’ eCommerce stores to find out more about their successful products? Here’s your chance!

With just one click, Algopix’s Store Analysis provides you with a unique view of your competition by identifying best-selling products, how much they cost, their demand level, and the marketplaces where they sell the best. Knowing what works for your competitors can help you plan your own inventory and enable you to grow your eCommerce business.

How Store Analysis Works

Using Store Analysis is easy. Simply enter the URL of the Amazon store of your choice, hit "submit," and Store Analysis will provide you with extensive, real-time product and sales data insights.

You can also receive additional information by analyzing your competitor’s products in up to four markets that you choose. The markets may be selected from eight Amazon markets, seven eBay markets and Walmart.

Store Analysis Insights

With Algopix’s Store Analysis, you receive easy-to-understand, comprehensive and downloadable insights about your competition, including

  • Total monthly sales opportunities
  • Product demand breakdown
  • Sales volumes history statistics
  • Sales volume history estimates
  • Competition levels for products sold
  • Top 5 recommended products in each market
  • Sales history estimates by country
  • Demand analysis by country
  • Average number of competitors per product
  • ...and more!

Discover What Your Competition Is Up To

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