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GTIN number lookup tool

The Algopix platform allows online sellers to seamlessly and quickly convert various product identifiers. By doing this, sellers can more quickly identify products and coordinate with manufacturers, as well as save precious time and resources during the product research phase. Below you will find a brief explanation of Algopix’s GTIN lookup tool.

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Why product identifiers matter

Product Identifiers consist of a unique barcode and series of numbers and letters, which is assigned to a specific product in order for it to be identified quickly and accurately. Product identifiers are required for selling on eBay, Amazon, Walmart and other online marketplaces. The world of selling online can be confusing as sellers must determine what is a GTIN, how to find one, and how it differs from an ASIN or UPC.

Different types of GTIN

It is important to mention that there are four different types of GTINs in use, and they are either 8, 12, 13, or 14 digits in length. GTINs that consist of 8 numbers are mostly used for EAN product identifiers, 12 digits for UPC, 13 for ISBN and EAN, and 14 digit GTINs are used to identify wholesale products.

Algopix’s GTIN lookup tool

Product identifiers help manufacturers and sellers keep track of products that are being mass produced and sold internationally. Algopix provides sellers with a quick and seamless tool to gain access to important product information, like a number lookup or a UPC to GTIN calculator. Sellers can also use the Algopix platform to search by GTIN and gain critical product insights like market demand, potential profit, and tax estimates.

GTINs & the competition

A quick GTIN lookup will give you access to a product’s basic information, and a calculator will allow you to convert between various product identifiers as they may be needed on different marketplaces. They are crucial to e-commerce as they simplify the time and search process when the user searches for a product. GTINs also play a role in search engines and other platforms to compare pricing information which allows sellers to compete more effectively with other sellers.

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